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What is the best way to tackle a refusal by GP practice to prescribe T3

The Endo who I see privately wrote to my GP requesting that I be prescribed 20mcg T3 to be added to a reduced dose(50mcg) of thyroxine. The doctor I usually see who is charming and helpful gave me a percsription. However, she has just phoned me to say that at a meeting the partners have decided they are not willing to continue to prescribe it as they have no experience of its use. To top it all my nice GP is leaving next month.

Can anyone give advice as how I can get their deision overturned.

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I have no advice, other than to say it will be the cost.

This is an earlier post and cursor down to where your GP can prescribe for a cheaper product if the surgery is willing.


Can your private endo not prescribe? I was in a similar situation - my nhs endo made the recommendation but would not prescribe and my gp was making noises about possibly prescribing only for a short time because of cost plus 'there is no evidence to suggest etc' - so I bought mine online. Treatment was supervised by my doc.

Maybe ask your nice gp who is leaving if there is any other doc she would recommend. They are possibly not able to do that but it might be worth asking.

So frustrating!


You might like to remind your GP and the partners that "As a GP, keeping your knowledge and skills up to date through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a professional responsibility. " (Royal College of General Practitioners


My local CCG has instructed GP practices not to prescribe T3 unless there are very special circumstances (no idea what these may be). I'm convinced the reason is the exorbitant cost NHS is charged, £103 for 28 tablets.

If my NHS endo decides to prescribe T3 I will have to get scrips fulfilled at the hospital. Travel costs, time travelling and waiting an hour for the hospital pharmacy to dispense mean it is cheaper for me to buy online.


Thks fr yr replies. I have bought some off the internet but its about 3 wks fr delivery. In the meantime I am going to ask my Endo fr a perscription. I am sure I read somewhere that a patient's meds shd only be changed if its in the patient's best interest but cannot find the quote.


Oh dear feel for you , my gp endo would not prescribe t3 phych Doctor has put me on it for three months given me blood forms,written to gp , crossing fingers gp does not stop it may do x can be prescribed for depression too& as I'm also bipolar hoping gp can accept my phych docs decision ,it's disgusting really we have to fight so hard to get well, have some sort of quality of life Xgood luck!


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