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GP refusing to prescribe t3

After years of not being able to tolerate thyroxine and becoming bedbound I was slowly getting my life back. I bought and self treated for eighteen months. I had planned to ask my Endo to prescribe at my last appointment but to my surprise I didn't have to ask. He asked me where I was getting it from and when I told him he said ' no need to buy it- we can get your GP to prescribe it' so he sent a letter. I thought there would be a fuss made due to the cost as I am on 20 mcg twice a day. I was pleasantly surprised to get my prescription. That was a month ago and I have just gone to get my new one and the GP said that they won't be prescribing it due to it not being on their list (?) is it unlicensed? I know it is in the BNF. This particular practise prescribed it for me back in 2009/10 when I moved from Somerset. I had it on Dr Skinners recommendation. The reason I came off before is I felt I was going hyper. I tried thyroxine after and could not tolerate it. My GP is aware of all this as she has written intolerant to thyroxine on my notes. They have basically left me I medicated for the last few years hence why I self medicated.

Obviously this is down to cost but I have my consultant on side and a letter stating that I need to have it. What can I do now? Email the Endo or fight it with GP. I'm not sure I like my chances but why give me a prescription for one month and then refuse it. Thanks for any thoughts.

Carolineanne x

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Email the Endo. Also there have been some areas where the GPs have been instructed not to prescribe due to the cost. and if you look at a couple of posts re T3 which were put up earlier regarding T3 you will be more in the picture.

A month's pack of T3 has gone up from around £30 to an astronomical sum.


Thanks :)


Hi CarolineAnne, it makes me so cross to hear about people's shoddy treatment. I would ask your endo to appeal to your CCG and tell your doctor too. I would also urge you to write to your own MP and Sarah Wollaston MP ( who is on the Commons Health Select Committee involved in recent controversy over T3 cost. I really hope you can get it back on the NHS. keep well


Thank you- will do that :)

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It's the GP practice which prescribed for one month and then declined to repeat. Ask the GP to explain why in writing and then appeal to the practice and CCG. Is your endo NHS or private? Some CCGs will only accept recommendations to prescribe T3 from NHS endos.


My Endo is an Nhs one. Everyone is aware that I have tried repeatedly to take thyroxine since 2004! It's even written on my notes that I am intolerant. I will do that, thank you. :)


I was also prescribed 20mcg 2 x daily of T3, by my NHS endo in Cardiff, however, couldnt function without T4 so 2 weeks ago my meds changed to 125mcg of T4 and 25 T3 by my gp as that works better for me. My gp has said that my gp practice will be stopping prescribing T3 completely - to do with licencing. This is in England and Wales (as I was considering moving to England, but cant because I get a student grant in Wales and would not get one if I moved out of Wales). The problem I was told is that consultants in Cardiff are prescribing to patients in Powys. I live in Powys but was referred to endo when I lived in Cardiff and was prescribed T3 when I lived there. I have also been ordering my own when the need arises. I have remained with the same endo since I moved out of Cardiff 4 years ago and have lived in different parts of Wales since. My nearest hospital is actually Hereford (though, because I live in mid wales I could get referred to Shrewsbury, but dont know if I would get T3 if changed to a consultant there. My gp did mention that the cost of it is high.


HI, I was wondering if you would be prepared to pm me as I too, live in Wales and am yet to find a thyroid sympathetic endo in the area. Would you be able to give me the endo's name and which hospital he works from. Thanks in advance


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