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Other blood tests raised in autoimmune diseases. CFS Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia. Any knowledge please ?

Hi folks, can anyone shed any light or knowledge on auto immune diseases, infections or conditions, that relate to my tests and symptoms?

I'm doing everything as far as diet and supplements I can do for reducing hashi symptoms, I follow the right diet rigidly and taking all the right supplements, all my mineral and vit levels are good ( see previous posts) .

My thyroid blood tests seem to show I'm medicated optimally, though the t3 has gone down slightly its still near the top of range.

What is bugging me is that I see some blood test results that often came up as slightly abnormal, and the docs don't seem to pay any notice to them. Are these all often raised in people with hashmotos, or nothing to worry about, or could it be a sign of something else?

If anyone has any further insight I would appreciate it.

Ive been suffering with chronic fatigue for around 15 years now, the more scarey symptoms improved since being on the thyroid meds ( eg fits, nervous symptom meltdowns, severe panic attacks, chronic severe depression, better and less often) I don't sleep for 24 + hours anymore, but I am still constantly fatigued, and have chronic muscle pain and weakness, still have dizzy spells though not major episodes like I was having. State of shock physical symptoms only happen if im in extreme stress or have a fright, it does last several days, but I do recover, and its not permanent like it was in the past, so I feel my nervous system is coping better. That changed when I was put on the levothyroxine.

Sorry if this sounds random, but anyone who has experienced or knows will understand !

I also have bradycardia - low pulse and heart rate always around 44 bpm. Its often found in athletes but I'm not even at a normal activity level, I have limited mobility.

I'm now nearer like I was when I was first ill , but had not got to the worse stage I was in, I hope that makes sense.

I feel there must be an underlying illness that either caused the hashimotos or it is a symptom/complication of the underlying illness. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome before I got hashis. Chicken egg scenario ? or an underlying undiagnosed condition?

anyway heres the tests that seem to keep flagging up ,

Does anyone have the same with hashi's or other illnesses ?

ESR Erythrocyte sedimentation rate HIGH in past ( 25+ / 32+ / 16+)

-most recent test = 15 ( normal range )

( inflammation test )


Lymphocyte count slightly low ( 1.2 - ) most recent

test 1.5 = within range

( low count is associated with many diseases inc muscle weakness and nerve damage )


GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD

(mL/min/1.73m*2) > 60

( kidney function test )


ALP Serum alkaline phosphatase level 149+

( associated with liver / gallbladder / bones)


Serum calcium level 2.59+

( poss from taking to high calcium supplement?)


Rheumatoid factor

level < 10

( also associated with various infections auto immune etc )


MOST RECENT THYROID TEST - T4 22.6 (+) TSH 0.01 (-) T3 5.5 ( within range )


Bradycardia 44 bpm.


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Hi - it sounds like you are still hypo, despite what appears to be a relatively high ft4, but without ranges it is impossible to see where in range your ft3 is. It is possible you need a bit of t3 to bring that up, or it could be that you have an element of thyroid hormone resistance. This means that, while your blood levels may be good, it isn't getting into your cells properly for some reason. Another possibility is that you have rt3 issues for some reason. This would mean the effect of ft3 at cell level is less than would be expected as body uses rt3 as a brake to slow down system for recovery or energy conservation.

Could you give ranges for your Tsh, ft4 and ft3 please as a starter.

I would suggest an rt3 test first, although this can work out a bit pricey as it needs venous blood rather than fingerprick. Think I just saw this on today's thyroid Thursday offer?



The ref ranges are -

TSH 0.01 ( ref 0.3-4.2 )

FT4 22.6 ( ref 12-22)

FT3 5.5 (3.1-6.8)

I was told by a cardiologist and according to other advice that the ft4 is not an issue being slightly higher than the range, unless you have high blood pressure, as mine is too low its not an issue and probably better for me to be anyway. My ft3 was higher in the past it seems its going down slightly even tho ive been on the same dose levothyroxine all that time.

last tests approx. 6 months ago

TSH 0.01( ref 0.3-4.2 ) FT4 27 ( ref 12-22) FT3 6.5 (3.1-6.8 )

test before that

TSH 0.01 ( ref 0.3-4.2 ) FT4 21.5 ( ref 12-22) FT3 6.0 (3.1-6.8)


do you know if I can get the rt3 test done n the nhs, is it reliable ? as my t3 is in range is it worth doing ?


Stop press- yes thyroid ultravit rt3 is on offer today!


Do you have vitamin and mineral levels with their reference ranges, please?

Have you stopped supplementing calcium to see if your calcium level then falls within the normal range? I'm asking because hyperparathyroidism presents with high calcium levels and that's responsible for multiple odd symptoms but you'd need to know that this isn't just a consequence of supplementation.



most recent other tests

Cortisol ( done at 9 am, no levo for 24 hrs , no food for 12. ) 360 ( ref 171-536)

Vit D 71 ( 50-120

B12 535 ( 197 -771)

Calcium 2.47 ( 2.15 - 2.55)

adjusted calcium 2.31

Folate 5.9 ( 5.3 - ?)

Ferritin 73 ( ref 13 - 150)

ive had other vit and mineral ones done a few years ago, all within around middle of the range I have a very healthy diet, don't think I'm lacking in anything nutritionally.


I usually take a calc mag zinc powder daily, but will take mag and zinc separately to see if the calcium drops.

I had a ultrasound scan of my thyroid recently due to lump in throat sensation , they said there were some changes as to be expected in hashimotos but no lumps or cysts or cancer so nothing to worry about.


I cannot answer your question but going by my own experience I was much worse physically when on levothyroxine and I also tried other variations but T3 only resolved my symptoms and I have been fortunate, so far, in that I feel really well with no symptoms. This is an excerpt from the following link:

The second possible reason for your bad reaction to Synthroid is that T4-replacement simply won’t work for you. It doesn’t work for many hypothyroid patients. In a recent study in the United Kingdom, for example, T4-replacement left 50% of patient suffering from hypothyroid symptoms (Saravanan, P., Chau, W.F., Roberts, N., et al.: Psychological well-being in patients on ‘adequate doses of L-thyroxine: results of a large, controlled community-based questionnaire study. Clin. Endocrinol. (Oxf.), 57(5):577-585, 2002.) Unfortunately, through faulty reasoning, these researchers concluded that a much smaller percentage of patients suffered from symptoms despite being on T4-replacement. They are mistaken about the percentage. The evidence is overwhelming that T4-replacement is the lousiest approach to thyroid hormone therapy. I’ve documented the widespread failures of the approach in two critiques:



Odds are, if you cooperate with your doctor and try T4-replacement again, you’ll waste time trying to get well. Moreover, you’ll most likely react badly again. T4-Replacement forsakes many patients. But most patients recover quickly with T4/T3 products such as Armour Thyroid, Westhroid, and Naturthroid, and with T3 alone—as long as the patients use high enough doses of the products. If your doctor will cooperate and treat you with one of these products and ignore your TSH level, you’re not likely to have another bad reaction to thyroid hormone therapy. Instead, other factors held constant, you can, I believe, expect a highly positive treatment outcome.



but the nhs don't give out T3 only and I find it too confusing to feel like id know how to self medicate.


They used to prescribe NDT for many years.

Then withdrew it in preference of levothyroxine and lots of people don't get well with levo alone.

Recently they have also removed T3 from prescribing due to astronomical rise in cost. A great opportunity for them as they didn't approve of prescribing T3 in the first place.

Looking at your above blood tests they look 'good' but you don't feel good. So there has to be a reason for it. You can either ask your Endo for a trial of T3 and research has shown that a combination of T4/T3 on a 3:1 basis helps many people. Some source their own.

Quite a few of us lack confidence because are quite nervous of 'medications' which we're told is not prescribed. I am not medically qualified and can only go by my own experience.

Quite a few members out of frustration have sourced their own NDT or T3.

Are you sensitive to something in levo? To test this, take one anti-histamine tablet before your next dose of levo. If you feel much better it has to be the levo. You could ask pharmacist to change another make.

Dr Lowe had the right idea. Blood tests for initial diagnosis and no blood tests thereafter. It was all how patient progressed with each increase and relief of their symptoms. He also never prescribed levo .

You have loads of symptoms with 'good' blood tests. Something isn't right.


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thank you shaws. Ive never seen an endo, ive only ever seen gp. I have asked to be referred to one but they said there is no point as my blood tests show the medication is working.

I did have a bad reaction to the 50mg tablets when my meds were being increased when I was first put on levo. so that why I now take 4 or 5 daily of the 25 mg ones.

I will try the antihistamine thing, though ive never taken antihistamine in my life! whats the best one to take ?


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