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Weighty problem

Hello, I am new to all this. Have found an endo who believes in T3. He gives me private prescriptions which I get filled France.

My problem is that the weight is piling on now.

I take 125mg T4 at night and then half a 25mg T3 tablet in the morning, another half n the afternoon and a quarter in the evening. He upload my dose of HRT as half hot flushes.

My ft4 12.1 my ft3 was 3.1 my vit D is above range and my ferritin is just below for which I am on iron pills. I had a health check today and cholesterol was 5.7 . Blood pressure normal.

Can anyone help me with thus weight problem, please?

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Hi jacqui1958 I have Hashimotos & take similar doses of Levo & Cytomel & even schedual ( interesting!) at any rate, although I believe thyroid medication plays a role I've had my thyroid antibodies halved by following the protocol of Dr. Sara Gottfried MD she's Harvard and MIT trained & her program is amazing 😊

Here is some info :


PS ... sorry for the edit- dictated & not well Im afraid!🙃

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Can you add ranges to those results. They look low but can't tell without range

Do you have Hashimoto's (high antibodies)

If you have Hashimoto's then gluten free diet may help

Low ferritin will stop Thyroid hormones working

What about B12 and folate? Have they been tested

Do you supplement vitamin D? How high is high?


I don't split doses of T3. or any thyroid hormones I've taken in the past.

By splitting tablets during the day we don't have a life. Our stomach has to be empty (before and after taking hormones) so hypo rules our life instead of taking one daily dose and forgetting that we're hypo as hopefully symptoms will all be relieved.

When you give results you also have to post the ranges. Ranges are important as labs differ and it makes it easier to respond.


I take mine all in one go, even though I need a high dose of T3. When I divided it throughout the day, my vitamin, mineral, and other medication schedule became ridiculously complex and it ruled my life. I could never forget about it.


You're correct. Your life is controlled by finding a window in which to take split doses and/ or everything else. You don't have freedom.

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I'm having trouble gaining weight I'm 120 lbs. I'm on levothyroxazine 50 mg I don'tknow what to do or think anymore. My blood test are normal. I see an endocrinologist on Nov 29th


Hi Jacqui, if you can get it a sufficient quantity of NDT into you, you will loose weigh. Google "ndt weight loss" and look at images tab in the browser. I was 107kg on Levo when I went to NDT and now to 86kg. Don't personally know anyone on Levo that hasn't stacked on the weight.


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Thank you, I keep hearing about Ndt but don’t know how to obtain it. Hard enough getting t3.

Unless you know a supplier.



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