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Would you reduce Levo when starting T3?

I've started taking T3 while I wait for my consultant to sort out my trail of NDT. Advice from you guy's suggested I try the T3 to see if it helps symptoms before going down the NDT route.

I'm currently on 150mgs of Levothyroxine with results as follows.

TSH - 0.4 / Free Thyroxine 19.8 / Free T3 3.1, I know I'm not converting well.

Vitamins are: B12 344 / Folate 12.9 / Ferritin 233

I've stated on 6mgs of T3 but kept the Levo at 150mgs, it's been 4 days now and no real change, any ideas on levels?

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I would hold at this level and use a small dose of T3, which you have done. If nothing has changed after 4 days i would look at adding another 1/4 tablet in the afternoon.

Some say to lower the T4, but your FT4 is not over range and T3 is very low.

I would also look into using the T3 in the early hours of the morning (4am) to see if you get a better response. The T3 applied at this time generates more cortisol for the day and so helps thyroid patients quite often. I also take my T4 at bedtime and it works much better as it links into this cortisol boosting aspect.


If you add T3 to T4, you should allow two weeks to see if there's any change. 6mcg is quite small - around 30mcg of levo - in its effect.

I am on T3 only and take it once daily and have done so now for a number of years and am well.

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That's interesting, how much T3 do you take daily?


Sorry for delay. I take 50mcg T3 first thing when I get up..


Did you reduce your T4 slowly? I've always thought as we only take T4 to generate T3 why do we need to do both.. I'm glad it works for you..


I reduced T4 by 50mcg and added 10mcg of T3.

Several researchers have found that combination T3/T4 suits many people more than T4 alone.

The reason for adding T3 is that it goes directly into our T3 receptor cells whereas T4 has to be converted to T3 (T4 isn't good unless it converts and some people are poor converters).

We used to be prescribed NDT (natural dessicated thyroid hormones made from pigs' thyroid glands) which contains all of the hormones a healthy gland would do and it was in use from 1892 (before that we died) up until the 60's and is still used by hypothyroid patients. It used also to be prescribed but, as recently with T3, it was withdrawn to the consternation of those who were well on it.

In the late 50's/60's Big Pharma thought they could make money by inventing T4 only a synthetic replacement . So with new blood tests and T4 they've made millions plus the other prescriptions which may be given for remaining symptoms. One doctor protested about the way we are now diagnosed/treated as he said that we were in a parlous situation due to the reliance on blood tests and many remaining undiagnosed/unwell whilst ignoring the clinical symptoms.

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Usually minus 25mcg T4 when adding 6/6.25mcg T3. As the ratio 4:1 I believe. Something tells me it’s 3:1. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong. Good luck


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