ndt vs levo+t3


I am currently taking 2,5 grain of ndt (since May last year), but I decided to go vegan so I'd like to swap it for levo+t3. Can you actually feel the difference after swapping to synthetics? Levo on it's own didn't make me any better, but when I started ndt I feel like I came out of the grave. I'm curious if levo+t3 would work the same as ndt?

Thank you


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  • I felt the difference. I respond much better to synthetics I believe. I liked the idea of NDT being "natural" but the reality was I didn't respond well - my TSH remained high.

    It may be that you respond best to NDT and not T4 + T3 combination, but who knows until you try it.

  • Hi Helena877,

    do you mind letting me know (and it will be of interest to ziel) how much NDT you were taking and how you changed over to T4 plus T3

    Many thanks.

  • I was on 2-2.5 grains and TSH still at 5! Nature Throud brand.

    T4-only reduced my TSH quickly from 10-5 but gave me depression.

    I'm now on T3-only as don't want to risk depression by adding T4 again.

    I just switched. Stopped taking NDT one day and take 25mcg T-3 a day currently.

  • Oh I see, I thought you switched from NDT to T4/T3 combination.

    How are you on T3?

  • Hi ziel,

    sorry can't offer any advice but I am the same as you.

    I have been on NDT for 16 months now and found a slight improvement over levo.

    I am thinking of changing over to levo. plus T3 but I am unsure how to go about it.

    I hope you get some replies and will watch with interest.

    Best wishes.

  • My gp being pain in the a**. Just walking there to try get a prescription. We'll see.

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