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Cortisol results

Cortisol results

I've been feeling fatigued this year, there has been a lot of stressful events happen and I suspect adrenal and or thyroid.

My even more recent 24 hr saliva profile via Regenerus labs shows, I'm barely producing cortisol and dhea is very high.

They have reported n/mol, but I suspect they mean ng/l, based on a conversion factor of 27.5 this would still give a very low cortisol of 138 n/mol.

I had an NHS 9am serum cortisol came back at 311 about a month ago, along with a whole lot of other bloodwork (including thyroid) and the GP said it was fine.

Something doesnt stack up here - how has it dropped so much in less than a month?

I've also just read that salivary tests are convenient but the amount of cortisol secreted in saliva can be highly variable.

I'm not 100% convinced on the accuracy of the figures here and I may well have wasted ove £80, but the flatness in the curve mirrors how I feel throughout the day, so I will be taking this back to my GP.

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Sorry you haven't had any replies. I don't know too much about this, but I'll tell you what I do know.

This is a very extreme cortisol graph, it may be the most extreme I've ever seen on the forums. So this is definitely something to follow up and that may be causing you symptoms.

Unfortunately the NHS doesn't believe in this salivary cortisol, so you are unlikely to get a good response from a GP, unless you can get a diagnosis of Addisons or Cushings. But with results as low as this you may need to go on and get tested. There is a lot of advice for how to self treat on the forums if you don't get any luck with doctors.


My last salivary cortisol graph looks very similar to yours, and my previous graphs showed decline over many years. Unlike you, my DHEA is also low.

As SilverAvocado suggests, you may wish to show the graph to your GP, since you have an obvious problem. Sadly, the NHS don't pay much regard to this sort of test, and you may be referred for a short synacthen test to 'confirm' the findings. The range for the NHS test is wide, and rigidly interpreted, so you may well 'fail' it.

The solution will likely be self-treatment.


Yep, I've shown the graph to my GP this morning, who didn't place a huge store on the salive test as she wasn't sure on the lab procedures/QA.

She felt my last 9am cortisol serum taken 4 weeks ago of 311 was ok, she has agreed to get it retested next week to check.

Along with a very stressful 2017 to date, i'm wondering if my past use of Seriphos may also be contributing - that is designed to reduce cortisol via the HPA axis, hopefully not permanently!

In terms of self-treatment, I've already started down the road of adaptogenics - I've got ashwaghandha, Jarrow's Adrenal optimizer and I've ordered licorice root.

Apart from diet, what other things do you recommend/have you used?


Do Regenerus have any info on the QA aspect on their website? I've only used Genova for the 24 hr adrenal profile. The experience of many members is that it's difficult to convince GPs of the validity of private lab results, even if the same labs are used by the NHS.

At least your GP has agreed to re-test cortisol, so she must have recognised that you have something 'going on'.

I don't know anything about Seriphos, but if you think it has harmed your health, then the adaptogenics may help a little. I've found that with very low cortisol a bit more help is needed, so you may want to look at medication. If your GP doesn't help with this, put up a new post asking for details of doctors - probably only private sector - who treat this problem sympathetically.

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Meant to add: I've tried HC, adrenal extract, in varying doses and combinations. I've been advised by a non-NHS doctor that I should try prednisolone 4 or 5mg, but I haven't yet done this. I think I might have to, at least temporarily.


Part of the reason for stress in my life right now is suddenly losing my job 2 months ago and resulting pressing financial concerns - mainly keeping a roof over my head in the longer term. However, I have lots of good interviews lined up, including 1 tomorrow!

Did you take ashwaghanda? I seem to get mixed reactions from it - in the past it made me wired, now it sometimes it makes me drowsy in the daytime


I'm so sorry to hear you've lost your job, and obviously you need to put your resources into keeping your accommodation. Private help may be off the agenda for a while, so all the best for your interview tomorrow. I hope it goes well. :-)

I haven't tried ashwaghanda, and I think that's because I was specifically warned off it - wish I could remember the reason why, but it had to do with other aspects of my health. You may find it helpful - lots of people do. I've read good reports of rhodiola too, but it can be pricey.

Liquorice tincture was once recommended to me, but be aware that it can raise BP, if that's an issue for you.


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