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Anyone any advice on high antibodies

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Blood test results help

Aprilrodek 6 days ago 6 Replies

Hi i have just recieved results from mt blood test. The test was done early evening in a private clinic and i had just been for food.

I went to a eye doctor as my eyes were burning, glazed and painful. I have been on a gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, sugar free diet for a long time now. May i add it is not 100%strict as it is very difficult to follow this. I do drink alcohol 2 maybe 3 times per week but i am cutting down the voloume to a few glasses of wine instead of vodka and soda water.

I have big problems with bloating, stomach cramps when i eat certain foods. I also get rashes on my body. I have had a allergy test done and had a large amount of foods that teststed positive . I keep away from most of them as much as i can.

My blood test came back FT3 5.15 , FT4 17.23, TSH 0.92 , PTH 35.28, ANTI TPO <5.00 ,ANTI TG 1657, THROGLOBULIN TG 10.52.

My eye doctor recomended me to go see a specialist endocrinologist doctor. I live on a a small island so it is difficult to find good doctors. I had very big depression, dry skin, slow hair growth, dizziness, fatigue, vertigo occasionally, Bloating, stomach cramps if i eat dairy or wheat, swollen eye lids and puffy, eye balls are burning and my joints in my hands are sore and i have a cobstant pain in the back of my right leg below the knee. Can you give me any advice based on the blood test results please?

I am already taking vitimin b1, b2,b6, b9 magnesium, fish oil, beta carotene, ginger oil and tumeric herbal supplement with hyaluronic acid. I take the b complex to help with my deppression (which works very well) the others i take for my joints and skin. I am on a gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, wheat free diet.

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Hi - not sure what is going on here - you seem to have posted your entire earlier post including all text from the page? Maybe you could delete this and try again, if you did indeed intend to post.

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As startagaingirl states we cannot understand your post.

If you press the down arrow at the bottom of the page you can edit your post or delete it if you've made a mistake.

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