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High Thyroglobulin Antibodies


Hi all

Im a 34 year old female with a TSH of 3.59 (blood test done in May 2018 by GP) Both my mother and brother have hypothyroidism and were diagnosed in their early thirties.

I have symptoms that strongly affect my daily life, the top 4 being the most problematic, which is making me miserable....

* Tired all the time

* Terrible anxiety

* I gain weight just by looking at food

* Brain fog

* Thinning hair

* Swallowing is sometimes uncomfortable

* Pins and needles

* Feel the cold

My GP wouldn't run any additional bloods as I don't meet the reference range of the labs, which he said was now 5? So no medication can be tried to see if I improve at all, as again, I'm not within the ranges.

I had private bloods done this week which showed normal TSH, T3 and T4.....but my thyoglobulin antibodies were elevated at 385 (should be 0-115)

What does this mean exactly? Is this why I have symptoms?

Any help would be much appreciated

Other results-

Free thyroxine - 16

Free T3: 4.03

Peroxidase antibodies: 19.3

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I am not an expert on here but those elevated antibodies mean that you have Hashimotos/ auto immune thyroid disease. Your thyroid is being attacked and so is struggling to produce sufficient thyroid hormone.

The advice given on here is to get your tsh below 1 to feel well and get your vitamins optimal, as well as ensuring your t3 is in the upper quarter of the range and your t4 half way. (I’m on he journey myself!)

You can always self treat with meds which again is something that people suggest on here using natural desiccated thyroid. See how you feel and monitor symptoms and pulse to ensure you’re not ivermediating yourself.

I hope that helps. I’m sure one of the wiser ones will respond shortly! X

Kate, we need the ranges for those results. Ranges vary from lab to lab, so you should always give them. Those antibodies actually don't look high at all. And your Frees look euthyroid. But without the ranges, we can't say for sure. Did you not have a TSH result?

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Hi Greygoose

Here are the results with ranges:

TSH in May 2018 by GP: 3.59 (0.34 - 4.94)

TSH in July 2018 by Medichecks: 2.26 (0.27 - 4.2)

Free Thyroxine: 16 (12 - 22)

Free T3: 4.03 (3.10 - 6.80)

Thyroglobulin Antibody: 385 (0 - 115)

Peroxidase Antibody: 19.3 (0 - 34)

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OK, so yes, you do have Hashi's. However, you're not likely to get any sort of diagnosis until your TSH goes at least over-range. Doctors know so little about thyroid that they are incapable of thinking outside the box, and putting two and two together - high antibodies + symptoms = need for thyroid hormone replacement! They know nothing about symptoms, either.

Your FT4 isn't too bad, although your FT3 is on the low side, but not low enough to alert a doctor to a problem. But, they are going to get worse as the disease progresses. So, you must keep an eye on levels and test regularly.

How much do you know about Hashi's? Have you tried taking selenium and adopting a gluten-free diet to see if they help you feel better?

When you had the Medichecks tests done, did you include nutrients : vit D, vit B12, folate, ferritin? If so, what were the results? You could very well have low nutrients, which would cause symptoms and make you feel bad.

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Hi Greygoose

My GP also ran the below bloods in June 2018

Coeliac screen: 0.4 (0 - 7)

B12: 755 (187 - 883)

Serum Folate: 10.2 (3.1 - 20.5)

Ferritin: 165.3 (10 - 204)

I can't see a Vit D anywhere.

Yes I've had a read up on Hashis..... the glove seems to fit....thats for sure.

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Well, they look good. But, it would be a good idea to get vit D tested. GPs often don't do it - or the lab refuses to do it on the grounds that everyone in the UK is low in vit D!

So, all I can suggest apart from that, is keeping an eye on your levels, try gluten-free to see if it helps (Hashi's people are often gluten-sensitive, even if they don't have Coeliac) and try taking the following nutrients :


vit C



You could easily be deficient in any of those, especially magnesium. And vit C is good for so many things, and is water soluble, so you can take quite high doses without over-dosing. :)

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Thank you...... I'm on it 💪🙂

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You're welcome. But, don't start all those supplements at the same time. Leave about two weeks in between trying each one. :)

This happened to me for about 15 years ..the reference range went up to 10 then so even with a tsh of nearly 9 and private tests showing antibodies my gp refused medication. In the end I paid for a private endo from Salford Hospital. She was brilliant and was very annoyed that I hadn’t had medication as you should have it with Hashimotos. She said she hoped it hadn’t affected my heart which unfortunately it looks like it has. I’m with Healthshield and get 80% back of what I pay so my private endo cost £72 in the end.

Hi Ireness

Thank you for sharing that. I'm sorry to hear of your struggle and that it has affected your heart.

Do you think I should see a private Endo? Or would I not benefit at this stage?

My symptoms are making me miserable.

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I wished I’d gone to see a private endo right at the beginning. It would have saved years of feeling dreadful. Even now I’ll have to see her again as GP doesn’t even test for everything they should. She said there’s no point testing T3 as she can’t prescribe it. When I went to private endo I took the results of private tests with me so only needed one consultation. She wrote to my GP and advised treatment (which the GP has ignored). You’re wasting your time seeing GP’s ..they haven’t got a clue

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Hi Ireness, I’m in your position. I appreciate your post was a while ago. But if you are still on this site, I’d love the name of your private endo. I’m wondering if it’s a lady I’ve seen with her own website. Dr Mukerjee? Many thanks for your help.

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Yes it is ..she was lovely

in reply to Ireness

Great thanks seeing her tomorrow

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Hope you get on okay with her

Thank you. Yes my GP isn't interested.

I will go and see a private endo

Hiya kate, your in the same boat as me, very similar test results but still no help whatsoever! Have you had your cholesterol checked too? Mine was just over the high range but still docs wont link everything together with hashimotos

Hi Joeblo

I'm sorry to hear that your going through this too.

I see a private Endo tomorrow. Apparently he doesn't work to reference ranges etc.....he works to your symptoms and his expertise.

I will let you know how I get on.

Hi All

So I've just seen a private Endo. What can I say?!

He wrote off my elevated antibodies.....and said they mean nothing.

He said nothing is wrong.

Feeling extremely gutted

Also....my basal temperature is 35 this morning.....

But.....I just feel it's pointless trying to get help.


Hello Kate_1984,

Just wondered if you've gotten any help or diagnosis yet? I'm in same shoes as you, with mostly normal thyroid levels but elevated thyroglobulin antibody. Completely at a loss as to how to proceed. Fatigue has gotten so bad I can't get through the day without a good bit of lying down. Feeling desperate to figure something out.

Hi Silverdrops,

I started taking iodine (iodoral 12.5 twice a day). Read the book 'The Iodine Crisis' if you can.

Within just 2 weeks.....(im still amazed) im back to how i was years ago. Im still absorbing the fact that this simple supplement has put me right.

I did get insomnia for a week or two....but i feel amazing. My anxiety....depression, fatige and weight gain.....all rectified.

Hope this helps x

Wow, it's great to hear that! I've had iodine supplement in my cart online ready to order for awhile but I couldn't decide if I should try it or not. Definitely going to go ahead and get some!

I'm curious about your next test results as well, and if your antibodies will be lower or not. Keep us posted.

Of course..... ill keep you posted.

Im using iodoral 12.5 twice a day.

Its high potency. It comes in 50mg aswell but definitely start low on the 12.5 ones.

Let me know how you get on.....

Youll feel the benefits real quick x


Ps.... my DR has no idea.....i will be telling them at my next bloods. Will be interesting to see them now im feeling normal again x

Have you had your next bloodwork yet? Are you still getting along alright? I ordered the iodine pills but then several folks on here spoke strongly against taking iodine, saying that if you have Hashimotos, iodine will possibly accelerate the disease. I obviously do not want to make it worse (if Hashi's is what I have). I don't have any official diagnosis. So. I am not taking the iodine pills.

However, along with my other supplements, I started taking selenium and methylated B vitamins (I'm compound heterozygous MTHFR). A few weeks after I started those two I began to feel much better. I think I will retest my thyroid levels & antibodies in 6 months - 1 year because I would like to keep an eye on what is happening. But for the moment I'm extremely grateful to be feeling much better.

Hi Silverdrops...

Unfortunately, you will. Youll hear a lot of negative information regarding Iodine (crazy world). And if i had listened, id be in a right mess by now. Every single cell in your body contains Iodine, in order to function to its full capacity. Yet fear is put into us to not take a tiny dose?!

Read the book 'The Iodine Crisis' if you can, and as soon as possible. You will learn the truth. This is a must! And it explains everything about Iodine. Everything!

Then you can make your decision :-)

Yes im still amazing! I never looked back. Just a small dose (just 1 x 12.5mg now...maybe 2 some days). Its changed my life as you know.

I will probably get my blood work done in January (been sooooo busy).... i will keep you posted :-)

I will definitely see if I can read the book! Glad you're doing well. Keep us posted!

Run this with your doctor. Might be helpful.


“In conclusion, the prevalence of TgAb was higher than that of TPOAb in patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and painless thyroiditis using commercially available kits. We suggest that TgAb immunoassay is the first choice of screening test for thyroid autoimmune abnormalities in Japan.”

Hi Kate, sorry to piggyback on this. I am however in exactly the same position as you guys. This is the only thing I’ve found online. I have raised thyroglobulin antibodies - 770 with the labs normal range 0-115. No other discernible issues from the other bloods. Only trace peroxidase antibodies. I’m sooo confused. Can you have Hashis without raised peroxidase antibodies? I recently did an ultrasound for thyroid cancer that came back as having a lot of thyroid inflammation. But the inflammation isn’t part of the cancer apparently. I’d really really appreciate any comments/help on this as I’m super confused. One doc told me lots of people have raised thyroglobulin antibodies. But I feel very tired and some other symptoms. So I’m wondering if I could have Hashis. Mind I might have no thyroid to attack soon!

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Hi JaneyJaney, have you had any success? Im similar to you - normal TSH, F4 and F3 but TGAB at 600 and TPO at 35. Feel very lethargic and sleeping a lot more than I used to, exercising and dieting alot but weight isn't shifting at all and feeling quite down. I've suffered depression in the past but usually caused by stress but this time round it seems to have come from nowhere. I don't feel my results will get taken seriously by a Dr so just currently gathering as much evidence as possible including Basal Temperature (not hugely low but consistently around 36.6) but really would like to work out how to manage this without medication.

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Hi, so sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. I’m not sure how much further on I am. I’ve now been told by two endocrinologists that thyroglobulin antibodies on their own do indicate autoimmune disease. I’ve now had my thyroid removed and the histology from the lab confirmed autoimmune disease. I’ve not feeling well at all, but I read a study that said it takes on average of 12 months after removal to get the antibodies down and some people’s never go down. I get what you are saying about the doctor, but some endocrinologists do understand. In fact, I was given a small dose of Levo pre surgery. Mind, what you have got to think is, even if the doctor does say the antibodies are making you ill what can they do? One told me they put you on Levo so your thyroid is put to sleep? Not sure this is a usual approach!? But I think that the alternative ways to try and get antibodies down via gluten free and supplements etc are a great way to start and see if you can improve. The two things that helped me was gluten free and high dose vitamin C tablets and also cutting down on carbs. I’ve had no doctors explain why these things have helped though!

in reply to JaneyJaney

I've been thinking gluten free too, I generally follow a lower carb diet anyway as my body responds better to weight loss on lower carbs (I don't eat bread or pasta and most of my carbs come from veg and fruit, but I don't follow Keto or Atkins) which is why it's hugely frustrating that it's no longer working! I think I read somewhere about the gluten free diet is because anti-bodies can mimic gluten proteins so its the gluten in the diet raising anti-bodies rather than a thyroid problem. I may look into the selenium suggestion too and Vit C, my vitamins are generally pretty good (D is a bit on the low side of the normal range but it is a UK winter). So sorry you're not feeling much better, especially after going through surgery too. I quite agree with what you say, even if you do get a diagnosis how actually is it treated? I'm far happier managing it through diet anyway, but very disheartening when you think you've got a pretty good balance of diet and exercise and you still feel crappy.

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Hi, yes I felt things improved for me gluten free. Mind, I see both sides of restrictive diets. I think they are hard to adhere too and make it hard to socialise and feel normal. I try not to be that strict, as I’m not sure for me, anything apart from gluten free has made that much of a difference. I’d see what you can do yourself. I have read vitamin D and B12 is good for autoimmune disease. I don’t think it’s good to be on low side of normal with autoimmune? I was told that anyway. I’ve just been to see my endocrinologist, not a good experience at all. My experience of feeling unwell for years, is try things yourself and really doctors don’t have a clue. it’s like you say I feel awful and they think you are just a neurotic madwoman that is just making it up. Cos you know I like to waste my money seeing private doctors and also my time traveling to see them!

Hi Janey....

Im now well. From just 12.5mg of Iodine each day.

Please read this book.....its the best thing youll ever do.


Both my mother and brother have been on thyroxine (mom for nearly 40 years) she still has symptoms. And its a synthetic drug at the end of the day. It never fixes anything.

Yet natural Iodine has given me my life back. In a matter of just 2 weeks after taking it.

I cant stress enough that you really need to dig deep to get to the truth about Iodine. Dont let what you read frighten you. Knowledge is power.....and this book will give you that. Google doesnt!

Read the book.....you can then make your decision.

I never listen to my husband haha.....but im so glad i did when it came to this book.

As gloomy as this sounds.....things got so bad that i just couldn't cope. Long term i just would have wanted out. Thats the reality.

And i had no help.......zero!

After a long time suffering....i would have eventually met the labs requirements blood wise....and put on meds. Yep.....synthetic drugs that are a band aid! And dont always help.

Read about Iodine.....it will amaze you!

Ill never look back!!!

This was posted a while back, but in case anyone reads this. Please be careful. I’ve got thyroid cancer ans that is linked to both insufficient iodine and also too much iodine. Please be very careful as medical opinion is too much iodine can cause cancer in some people. This is why we need to be careful on these sites re safety


Thanks Kate. The iodine sounds intersting. The issue with me is that I probably won’t have a thyroid soon as I guess it will have to go with the cancer. I don’t think Hashis is as easy to get rid of


Hi kate.I am glad to here of your experience with iodine. I have been on the fence re this for a while wanting to here some personal experience. I personally take books and scientific study write ups with a pinch of salt but I value hearing from others and seeing for myself.I have been told that iodine can lead to thyroid storm but thought it unlikely.I shall have some before bed.

Hi Mandy

Yes its definitely worth hearing peoples experiences on it. I just feel so blessed. I cant even put into words what it has done for me.

I got a few spots when i started taking it, and i couldn't sleep well for about a week. That was it. But other than that..... im just enjoying being the person i used to be again.

It took around 2 maybe 3 weeks....then boom....all symptoms gone. (Even my metabolism kicked back into gear....BONUS!) And im sorry, but all of the fear that is drummed into us about Iodine.....well......a 12.5mg tablet doesnt hurt anybody!!!! And thats what i take each day.

Learning the truth about Iodine is the way forward.....to stay off drugs.....and to naturally take care of yourself.

Iodoral is the best one.....you can buy it on Amazon.

Hope this helps :-)

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