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Blood results please, and retinal migraine?

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Hi all,

I take 2 grains (2 tablets) of Armour Thyroid daily. I split the dose - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I was taking 1.5 before bed and .5 in the morning, but the endo told me this week that my TSH is suppressed and that I need to take it more spaced apart so he can keep prescribing it to me (the NHS/hospital doesn't want a suppressed TSH).

My results were:

T3: 6.8

T4: 11.6

TSH: under 0.1

B12: very high as I supplement

Intrinsic factor antibodies test: negative

I don't know what the ranges are, but he said that T3 was slightly at the higher end, that T4 was in range, at the low end.

I started splitting the dose as he suggested two days ago. Yesterday, after a class of hot yoga, I had a scary experience.

I left the class, having drunk water throughout, and suddenly had two large static like sharp-edged blobs in both eyes that obstructed my vision. I have unexplained optic nerve damage in my right eye, but have never had this before.

It grew worse, turning into flashes and diamond-like shapes. I could barely see through the spots and felt nauseous throughout.

I suspect I had an ocular migraine but didn't have a huge headache after (I did have a headache though, which was more of a throbbing).

Has anyone had this experience after shifting their thyroid meds?

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I'd also like to hear from people who may have Hashimoto's and perhaps have had similar eye issues.

I don't think ocular migraine (we call it tiger stripes because the edges of the patch waver like stripes, slowly drifting to the edge of the eye and then out of sight) is necessarily anything to do with thyroid problems. I get it and have no thyroid problems, and my wife who is longterm Hashimoto's on adequate treatment gets it as well at about the same frequency. I put it down to age.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to diogenes


I really like that descriptive term. :-)

Fits what I "see" very well. However, I found it very helpful to do an image search (e.g. in Google, click on Images along the top) and search for something like "migraine aura". Some people have put a lot of effort into producing artistic representations of various forms of visual disturbance.

Two reasons for doing this: First, it helped me to realise that my form is pretty darned common. Second, if I did want to explain to someone else what I see, selecting the best match would be much better than any attempt at drawing I could muster.

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