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Hormone results

I'm new to this group, I do post in the thyroid group and they have been fantastic. Im currently taking meds for thyroid (Levo and liothyronine) also taking HRT. I am tired, low mood, no interest in things around me and low libido. I have recently had my thyroid checked and dr has increased my liothyronine to 20mcg on a morning and 10mcg at lunchtime. Please find my results below and could anyone advise as to what's going on.

Serum free t3. 2.7. (3.1-6.8 pmol/L) before increase in dose

Serum FSH. 4.5IU/L No range given

Serum testosterone 0.42nmol/L 0 - 1.67nmol/L

Serum sex hormone binding glob. 103. (32.4-128nmol/L

Serum oestradiol level 270pmol/L. No range given

Serum LH given. 1.5IU/L

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Your previous posts showed you were not ever on high enough dose of Levo


It was also suggested that you get your vitamin D, folate and B12 tested

Ferritin was too low

Have you improved this, taken supplements and/or eaten liver once a week

Do you also have TSH test and FT4 test results taken at same time

Are you taking any Levo, or just T3

Your FT3 is far too low

Do you always take it on empty stomach and then nothing apart from water for at least an hour after

Do you have high thyroid antibodies, if so this is autoimmune thyroid disease also called Hashimoto's

Highly likely you have poor absorption for gut due to low stomach acid as result of being hypo

If you can't get full thyroid and vitamin testing from GP


Medichecks Thyroid plus ultra vitamin or Blue Horizon Thyroid plus eleven are the most popular choice. DIY finger prick test or option to pay extra for private blood draw. Both companies often have money off offers.

All thyroid tests should be done as early as possible in morning and fasting and don't take Levo in the 24 hours prior to test, delay and take straight after. This gives highest TSH and most consistent results

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10 mcg T3 at lunchtime? That sound ominous. You don't take it with your lunch, do you? You need to take it an hour before - which sounds as if it would be so near to your morning dose as to be slightly superfluous - or two/three hours after lunch. I wouldn't expect a GP to know that, but, If it were me, I would take it mid-afternoon, if I were going to split my dose. Or, better still, at bedtime.


Did you maybe intend to post this somewhere other than the thyroid group?


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