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Levothyroxine with oestrogen

I have just started preparing for a fresh embryo transfer. I am currently on 50 micrograms a day of levothyroxine but have now started on 2mg oestrogen three times daily and cetrodide injections once daily. I think I might be dosing them too close together. How long after taking thyroxine can I take the first dose of oestrogen ( atm I am leaving 30minutes-1 hour)? I am feeling like I did before I started thyroxine- exhausted and achey so think maybe I have reduced the absorption of thyroxine. Any thoughts would be great :) doctors at fertility clinic didnt seem too concerned re timings of thyroxine and oestrogen.

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Ideally you will leave 4 hours between Levothyroxine and oestrogen. Perhaps you could take Levothyroxine at bedtime or, if you have to use the bathroom during the night, take Levothyroxine then.


Thank you :)


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