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testing for progesterone & oestrogen

I have just bought 2 finger-prick blood tests from Medichecks,to see if I would benefit from using progesterone cream.One is to measure oestrogen,one to measure progesterone.

Have I made a mistake?Should I have ordered a saliva test from a different lab?

I want to see if my progesterone is low,due to cortisol issues,creating oestrogen-dominance.

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Try a DUTCH test, dried urine test of comprehensive hormones, irs the mist accurate.

And as someone who wishes she knew she was estrogen dominant 5 years before ovary rupture and stage 3 uterine cancer, I can tell you your instinct to go for progesterone and avoid estrogen dominance is a good one. Bioidentical progesterone is protective against female cancers.

But good data do get tested!

On the other hand, you might've a product called Feminessence from NHI - it's an adaptogenic maca product that can help adjust hormones naturally.



A serum blood test measures both free and bound P & O levels but is used by GP's to identify deficiencies//elevations.

A Saliva test will measure the amounts of bioavailable “free” hormones (so available for use). As all hormones are dependant on each other and high//low cortisol levels will effect thyroid//sex hormone levels, it is a good idea to get this measured as well.

The DUTCH mentioned by Learner1 above, gives info on not only our levels but how our body metabolises and excretes these hormones as well as cortisol and androgens. MTHFR gene impairments are common in people with Hashimotos, and for instance, may have trouble turning a 2 hydroxy oestrogen into a 2-methoxy oestrogen, due to a lower conversion rate. This would effect the levels of progesterone required. Also medicating T3 only can increase SHBG which would influence O & P levels.

I medicate NDT and have performed two DUTCH tests which have enabled me to safely supplement bioidentical HRT and correct sex hormone levels.


Where can you get the DUTCH test done in UK?


I have used both Nordic and Regenerus Labs.





Regenerus Labs

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Many thanks radd



Thank you for this invaluable info.I have used natural progesterone cream before.I found it very helpful until perimenopause,when I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto's & large fibroids,and I began to experience oestrogen-rebound.I am nearly 67 & still have the fibroids.

I have recently done a gene test & I have that faulty SNP re oestrogen.

I am now trying to address this,because after a good year on T3-only,I have slipped back into an altered mental state with high anxiety & depression and considerably reduced cognitive function.This is very unpleasant & scary.I need to find a way out of this.

Before T3 I had this for 2 years,followed by 2 years of profound fatigue,after 18 years on T4 monotherapy.I had assumed this was due to an inability to convert T4 after so long on thyroxine.I have not come across a reference to T3 affecting O & P levels.I am now concerned about my continued use of T3-only,but only re-entered this state after trying to convert to NDT.Diogenes responded to another post suggesting that after the body gets used to T3-only,there may be an issue with adding T4 back in.

This is all so complicated-made worse with my impaired cognitive function & high anxiety levels



I have many SNP's that may have accounted for or contributed towards my health issues and body's reactions to meds over the years. The only positive is that once we are aware of these unfortunate impairments, we can supplement accordingly.

Some people need to medicate T3 only but many require the correct ratio of T4:T3 as these hormones do not work alone but influence many others. I read even the act of conversion is important but genetic differences in the deiodinase enzymes can produce varying results//conversion rates in different people.

Maybe people who can medicate enough T3-alone to gain well-being (without the elevated T3 effecting other hormone levels) have impaired deiodinase enzymes effecting T3 levels in both the plasma and at the cellular/peripheral level, or mutant T3-receptors that require large T3 doses to saturate enough for a positive response to be seen. You may want to read "The CT3M Handbook " by Paul Robinson to be aware of T3-alone pit falls.

I have previous suffered the horrendous brain fog and depression that accompanies continued low thyroid hormone when medicating Levo for four years. I agree it is extremely unpleasant & scary. Remember even if your bloods are good, it is the amount of T3 being used on a cellular level that gives you the well-being.

T3 replacement can sometimes drive up SHBG, which may bind too much thyroid hormone, leaving too little available for use. This will also alter the levels of available O & P for use.

I do not know anything about the possible resistance to reintroducing T4 after medicating T3 alone.


T3-only Side Effects


Uterine Fibroids are more likely in Hypothyroid Women.


T3 and elevated SHBG


Thank you for this & the great links.Wish this wasn't all so complex!


I'm currently investigating similar issues, though not tested yet, but have been recommended a bio identical progesterone cream (rather than use a synthetic patch as recommended by an Endo recently) from the US. Not sure if I can put a link here, but you're welcome to PM me for the details. I haven't tried it yet as I've only just ordered it and its on its way to me. :-)


I have already bought my natural progesterone cream,thanks.I need to test first,as I have used it before & experienced oestrogen-rebound,so I think I will be using larger amounts initially,to try & counter this(see www.naturalprogesteronetherapy & Dr Lam has a good piece on progesterone too.


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