Paranoid Thoughts...Hypo or Oestrogen Dominance?

Paranoid Thoughts...Hypo or Oestrogen Dominance?

Any one else get paranoid thoughts that just come out of nowhere? They usually happen in or around my period so I am wondering if it has to do with being Hypo or having Oestrogen Dominance. Could it be that I am over medicated? I have raised up to 2 grains of NDT over 6 weeks. I do feel slightly anxious but I can't tell if its the thoughts that come first or the feeling... a bit like the chicken or the egg question!

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Yes I do. I have noticed it more when I am low on a particular vitamin mainly b12. Could it be this?

Ohhh, possibly! Last week my Plasma vitamin B12 level was mid range (510ng/L (200 - 900) ) I am supplementing and trying to get it to upper range. Might need to look into injections? :o


Yes I get low on B12 easily my body just doesn't absorb vitamins well. I find though when my levels are up, my mood becomes more stable, don't stress as much or become paranoid.

Have PM's you x

Oh, paranoia is quite definitely a hypo symptom. But I suppose it could be caused by other things as well.

Yes, I feel like my head is spinning with all of the possible causes of the myriad of symptoms... most of which only effect me and not the other people in my life. The psychological ones are a real beast, Its a balancing act of trying to protect yourself and trying to protect those closest to you from yourself! R x

That's what makes thyroid so difficult for dummies (doctors). Every single symptom could be something else. But when you have a whole bunch of seemingly unconnected symptoms, it's then that common sense should take over. Which is more likely? That you have thirty different diseases, with one symptom each? Or you have one disease with thirty different diseases. And which disease should come to mind with so many symptoms? Thyroid! (Yes, I know, there are so many other diseases that have lots of symptoms, but as thyroid is so common, that should be ruled out first with a few simple blood tests.)

However, doctors prefer to believe we have thirty different diseases, each one needing a different drug to control it! That's not just thinking inside the box, that's thinking in a paper bag, inside the box!

Brilliant. Next time I see my GP I'm using this! x

I had paranoia, depression and especially insomnia that was relieved when I starting supplementing with over-the-counter natural progesterone cream.... about 10 mgs daily for 10 - 14 days out of the month. The schedule is count 10 days from the first day of your period. On the 10th day, start taking approx. 10 mgs of the natural progesterone cream, just applying it topically. Apply/rub in (rotating areas to avoid saturation) for 10 - 14 days then stop. You should start your period naturally a few days later.

Hi Phoenix23002,

Thank you for your reply. Yes I have been proscribed natural progesterone cream, but I am only on my first month. I have read it takes a couple of months to take effect. Was this the case with you?


Yes, for some it can take a month or two. For others, the effect can be felt in just a few days. My niece, who suddenly found herself boo-hooing all the time, short-tempered and depressed, got profound relief in just a few days/weeks. I don't know who was more surprised... her or me. lol.. Her husband was most appreciative since he was the target of most of her moodiness.

Just my opinion, but be careful not to overdue the cream, especially the prescribed medication. For some reason, doctors want to give us mega-doses of progesterone. I have observed where large doses are appropriate and can relieve excessive bleeding, for instance, but for most of us, the 10 mgs daily is plenty.

Taking the pills does require large doses since only about 10% of the prescribed progesterone in the pills survive their trip thru our gut and liver. I often wonder if the docs get confused or think the pills and applying the cream topically are the same?

As always, folks should do their own homework and research. A good book is 'What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause' by Dr. John Lee.

Hey phoenix23002,

Sorry I thought I had replied to you! Its interesting you say that about the Prog. cream as I read it didn't really matter if you took too much unless you have hashi's.

I have never tried the pills, the lozenges do not agree with me though. I'll look into that book, I'm 34 though, surely its not a menopause thing?

R x

Rhsana.. As with everything, there are a few folks who are sensitive to progesterone cream/pills and don't respond well. It would be irresponsible to ignore that fact. Thank goodness, most of us do well on it though.

As for you thinking 34 is too young for hormone problems, especially estrogen dominance, that used to be true but there are so many things in our food, water, environment that are xenoestrogens (things that act on our bodies like estrogen) and effect our hormones, age isn't a good criteria any longer.

When we supplement with natural progesterone cream, we are just trying to mimic our body's natural cycle. During that critical 10 - 14 days before menses, our body puts out minute amts of progesterone throughout the day, totaling about 20 mgs. daily. Some of us find that supplementing 20 mgs tho is just too much. Maybe because we are 'slathering on' the 20 mgs all at one time instead of the tiny amts all thru the day ?? Just don't know but the 10 mgs seems to be a good amt. for most of us. If I go over 10 mgs, I get way too drowsy and have a draggy sensation in my lower back. But that is just me. Everyone should do their own due diligence.

Hey, sorry not to be clear; It's not that I think I am too young for hormone issues (Indeed I have them, both Hypo and Oestrogen Dominance) I meant too young to be starting menopause. When I was using too little cream I was experiencing oestrogen rebound, I read that this could happen and that one should essentially 'take too much' to level it out. There is a lot of conflicting schools of thought out there and its hard to know which one is right. I guess it is just trial and error for the individual. My body temp is 36.8 ( i think that may still be low, perhaps I'm under medicated) I am going to do some blood tests next week, hopefully that will shed some light! R x

I don't get paranoid thoughts but I do get dark thoughts (as I call them - imagining accidents and bad things happening to family/pets/etc) when I am due on. They happen so often just before my period that it actually alerts me to the fact I am about to come on.

Hi LuxN,

Yes that all comes under the umbrella of what I mean. Have you always had this? For me its a relatively recent addition! Rx

I am post-menopausal but I get what I would call mildly-paranoid thoughts as well as "impending doom"thoughts and also periodically low negative mind-states.Has any one got any thoughts on coping with post-menopausal oestrogen-dominance?I get oestrogen rebound with progesterone cream.Been trying agnus castus tintcure-same problem!T3 has been a big help moodwise.I am worried about the physical implications of being hypo & oestrogen-dominant(fear of cancer)

I hope my reply is not seen as hijacking your thread,but joining in the discussion?let me know if I am inapporopriate.

PS-love the photo!

Hey Naomi8, Not at all! Great questions, happy to learn from them as well! I am trying both of the above, I feel like I was having oestrogen rebound as well with the lozenges, the cream to a degree but now I am confused as to is it too much or too little- see Phoenex's comment above. x

Before fixing my levels of the major nutrients and treating my thyroid (I'm hypo) I was hugely paranoid, also depressed, anxious, and a life-long insomniac. All these problems have either disappeared or have reduced immensely in severity.

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