Thyroxin and oestrogen

I've now read from more than one source that oestrogen interferes with the take up of thyroxin at cellular level. I've been on HRT for 7 years - which is about the same amount of time that I've been going to the Dr complaining of low energy. I badly want yo come off it, and the Dr says do it straight away, but I'm very scared of doing that because of what my menopausal symptoms were like. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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  • Hello Like you I am on HRT. I asked to try it march 2014 as had suffered with bad fibromyalgia for four years.I was becoming convinced fibromyalgia may be hormone related to peri menopause. Felt so so much better within four short days, that was two years ago.having had a rubbish Jan Feb and March this year I went to doctor to request to see an Endocrinologist. I have been doing lot of own research and came across this link to Estrogen and low thyroid uptake. I have been taking my Levo at night for five or sux months and therefore have now switched to taking HRT gel in morning hoping to separate a bit. There are certain foods to avoid like soy that are not compatible with hypothyroid too .I have just started going gluten free as this seems to help people. Like you I would not want to stop HRT yet as all my fibromyalgia symptoms would return. I work four days a week and could not do that properly if symptoms returned. I know that I am supposed to stop HRT by April 2019 as they don't like you to be on it for over five years. Having said that I saw a gynecologist in 2015 and he said stay on it as long as possible as guards against alkziemers and bowel cancer!! So confused,and being hypothyroid literally messes everything up doesn't it? It always seems that we have to make a trade off a compromise and that optimum health is out of our reach having this life changing condition.

  • Thankyou for your reply. I'm going to go off HRT to see if it improves thyroxin uptake. A friend of mine was practically cured by the same NDT I'm on, but she's not on HRT. I highly recommend a guy called Dr John Bergman who is an alternate Dr.. He's got loads of Youtube videos where he explains importance of nutrition, and the body's own mechanism to fix itself.. Check him out and good luck - I'm sure you can find some thing to help you!

  • Hi Jackie thank you so much I feel a bit trapped in my current sinario too worried to come off HRT in case I feel really bad. Can you tell me what type of dose you take as I am only on 0.5mg every other day. It made such a difference for the first seven months of taking it no thyroid issues then.Just think things have shifted up a gear due to hormones have been in perimenopause for lots of years maybe it's the final push before I come out the other side. I would be interested to hear how you get on presumably you are going to come off it gradually? THANKS for the info about this doctor I shall look him up on YouTube.

  • Hi,

    I've been on 1mg a day - the tablets are split between the month between estrogen and progesterone. Dr told me to take half a tab for a month or stop straight away.. I think I may as well stop and get a different progesterone substitute to help with symptoms. If you google it, I'm sure lots of stuff will come up..

  • I was on HRT for about 8 years, and it was wonderful as my awful flushes stopped and I could actually sleep. I remember needing more thyroxine when I went on HRT. But I was told to stop HRT after a breast cancer scare. GP advised to come off it gradually, which I did. But my menopause symptoms came back and are just like before. So, I'd say if you come off it, do it very gradually, in the hope you don't rebound.

  • Hi, Thankyou for your reply. I'm coming off HRT for reasons mentioned above. There are ways of combating hot flushes and other symptoms by using progesterone-only stuff such as oil or cream. There's also a seed cake that can eliminate symptoms, and something called Agnus Castus which also helps. Google it - we dont have to rely of big pharma for everything..

  • Thanks for this info. Though I think I've tried everything there is! Even some different prescribed meds but nothing seems to work for me. But I wish you lots of luck; something usually works!

  • I currently use progesterone cream from Wellsprings called Serenity. I started taking it as I had a Hysterectomy last October ( kept ovaries) and as my progesterone coil was non existent did not want to develop estrogen dominance via my small dose of HRT. I know you can get a natural cream from them which is both estrogen and progesterone. So Tarajr look into Wellsprings it makes the world of difference to so many just Google their name. Hope you find something.

  • google----maca go....they have several different versions and scientific data and a medical email to ask is also avail on amazon so you can read reviews takes at least 6 weeks b4 most seem to feel the is a plant root that is a adptagen...

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