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New member, diagnosed hypothyroid 5 years ago. Could someone please look at these results and advise me what to do next? Worried about my symptoms, a list of them are below and I don't know if they are connected to my borderline hypothyroidism?

Heart rate 40 - 55 beats per minute (I am 31 years old and female but not athletic)

Dark rings under eyes

Eyelashes falling out

Eyebrows getting thinner

Aching in lower legs, knees, hips, wrists, fingers

Muscle spasms in face and legs

Feeling cold


Bowels moving more slowly

More trapped wind


Tickle in throat

Waking up from coughing fits every night

Internal shivering

Stomach pain

Puffy eyes

Periods coming late but when they do come they are heavy and they make me more susceptible to dizziness

Ears ringing, hissing and rumbling


Low libido

Memory loss



SELENIUM 0.90 (0.89 - 1.65)

FERRITIN 7 (15 - 150)

FOLATE 1.6 (4.6 - 18.7)

VITAMIN B12 198 (180 - 900)



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Hi Kamira

I'm surprised you're still functioning to be honest. You test positive for hashimotos - autoimmune thyroid disease and your antibodies are extremely high. Just saw your previous results, are you on thyroid meds? If so, you need an increase and then retested after six weeks.

Your vitamin levels are dire to be honest!

You are clearly folate deficient, Iron deficient, Vit D deficient and in my opinion B12 deficient!

Did you get these tests done yourself or did the doc do them? is he doing anything about them?

I can see you're on 800iu Vit D but this is no where near enough to correct such a low level - this is just a maintenance dose. If doc prescribed this amount based on those levels, then quite frankly, doc is awful and you need a new one. If doc hasn't seen these results, then you need to show them.

You need to get the B12 treated and investigated. You need to test for pernicious anaemia. I wouldn't supplement folate until you are treated with B12 as can make the matter worse. It is really important to get this sorted as B12 can be dangerous and cause permenant neurological damage.

You can investigate the Iron further with a full blood count and iron panel but you need to be treated anyway with a ferritin level that low and B12/folate deficiency can complicate these other tests anyway and hide iron deficiency as iron deficiency can mask B12/folate deficiency.

Don't let them ignore this.

You can try a 100% gluten free diet and take selenium to help with the thyroid antibodies and likely to help stomach and nutritional deficiencies too. Many of us are gluten intolerant and some even coeliacs and find this hugely beneficial.

They are all connected and all need to be treated! asap!

I do hope you start to get these issues resolved soon :-)

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Saggyuk in reply to Saggyuk

Sorry I had a quick look of your other post and was recommending increase in meds based on those but have you had an increase since then and have you any more recent TSH, T4 andT3 results?

I also noted you mentioned that any supplements are not working - things like coeliacs and stomach issues will stop you absorbing everything too so well worth a closer look at your stomach issues. I used to have every symptom you mention as well (apart from goitre which is likely because of the thyroid antibodies or even iodine if not absorbing anything) and couldn't even get out of bed even though my thyroid was adequately medicated and they never went away until after I went GF so well worth a try :-)

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Kamira_S in reply to Saggyuk

Increase done 2 weeks ago thanks

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Kamira_S in reply to Saggyuk

Yes I take 175mcg levo. GP did them and doing nothing about them. Thanks

I think I am just being driven by adrenals at the moment

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Saggyuk in reply to Kamira_S

Yes, I imagine you are to be honest but you don't want that to continue as they will fail under the stress at some point!

I'll come back latr with some links to the guidelines they are supposed to adhere to so you can show them x


MCV 75.4 (80 - 98)

MCHC 379 (310 - 350)

MCH 27.8 (28 -32)

HAEMOGLOBIN 114 (115 - 150)

HAEMATOCRIT 0.43 (0.37 - 0.47)

PLATELETS 252 (150 - 400)

IRON 5.7 (6 - 26)


Karmira - you have multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, indicative of an absorption problem - you need to discuss the above with your GP

your B12 is very low in range implying that you may well be deficient for B12 as well

please see the PAS forum in relation to diagnosis and treatment of B12 deficiency

YOU MUST get your doctor to comply with uptake of your vital vitamins and minerals asap

this is urgent in your case ..

He / She is Quite simply neglecting your health

vitamin D3 And

vitamin K2 mk7

should be taken together to direct Calcium to bones And not soft tissue where it deposits ..

b12 must be taken ( sublingual ) or actually by injection which would be best

magnesium would most likely benefit you very well indeed

Mag glycinate is well tolerated




... are all in dire need of replacing as soon as you can

Empower yourself to become well and start making demands on that doctor ...

Because if you do you could soon be feeling a hundred times better than you do right now

I too had many of your symptoms ... AND more !!

Not any more thanks to self medicating with vitamins minerals and nutrients that were exhausted and in some cases

Practically non existent

Good luck


I second everything that previous posters have said re: vitamins and minerals - all tested are extremely deficient.

Autoimmune issues usually start in the gut, so get rid of allergens and increase friendly bacteria. It'll make absorption of any vitamins a lot easier if you get your digestion back on track. Taking Betaine HCl with meals is very helpful as you should increase your intake of good omega fats and proteins. An unprocessed Mediterranean / Greek / Turkish diet (no pasta) is very good in this regard as it's high in b12, vit d, iron and folate and can help prevent diabetes (which I think you should also have checked).

I agree that you need b12 shots from your GP - you're symptomatic of a serious deficiency.

Kamira_S I'm not surprised you've got stomach pain, your ferritin is painfully low. Your MCV and MCH is also under range so you have iron anaemia. Your low iron level could be masking B12 anaemia. Your doctor needs to test for pernicious anaemia to rule it out. Your folate is almost none existent. Please post your B12 and folate results on the Healthunlocked Pernicious Anaemia forum with some details and your symptoms and mention your other deficiencies for best advice.

SeasideSusie has a lot of good advice about vitamins which you need to follow to get better. 800iu is not enough for your deficiency. Your results are below 30 so the doctor should be giving you loading doses. Please check SeasideSusie's advice to other people about what your doctor should be doing and what you need to do yourself.

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