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New Blood Results

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After being told twice that I don't need blood tests for Folate, Ferritin & B12 I saw a different GP last week who finally agreed & here are the results.

Ferritin 99ug/L (30.0 - 400.0)

Vit B12 834ng/L (197.0 - 771.0)

Folate 2.2ug/L (3.89 - 26.8)

I have also been taking the following supplements for about a month.

Vit B12 Spray 1200ug daily

Vit D tablets 800iu daily + Vit D Oral Spray 3000IU/75ug

Vit K2 mk7 100ug daily

Selenium ACE+D daily

I am still incredibly tired & weary, but I do think I am beginning to feel a little bit better, though still waiting for referral to Rheumatologist to come through.

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What are you taking for your folate?

Also when you are supplementing vitamin B12 repeat serum blood tests are not worth doing as all you are measuring is the supplementation. However this does not mean you don't need to see where your ferritin levels are.

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seaside-girl in reply to bluebug

Hi bluebug, I am not taking anything yet as the results posted have only become visible to me today so I will have to make an appointment to see GP next week.

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bluebug in reply to seaside-girl

Your doctor should tell you to get or prescribe you folic acid supplements.

However you are likely to be better of getting your own methlyfolate supplements which you can easily buy of Amazon. Methlyfolate is far easier to absorb than folic acid.

If the doctor doesn't tell you to supplement to raise your folate levels, but particularly if they say something like you that because you aren't going to get pregnant you don't need it, then change doctors if possible. Folate like vitamin B12 is needed to make healthy blood cells and any doctor that doesn't know that is not one you want to see.

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seaside-girl in reply to bluebug

Thank you bluebug. Please can you tell me is there any particular brand or strength I should get. Many years ago when I was pregnant in the 1960's, I had to take iron tablets & they made me very ill, though it's that long ago I cant remember if I had any other symptoms apart from being violently sick everytime I took them. I ended up having to have injections, so do you think this is something I need to be aware of. Thank you.

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bluebug in reply to seaside-girl

I'm talking about folate not iron so you shouldn't be sick.

Brands that are generally ok are Solgar and Jarrows.

Btw If you do feel unwell with any supplement stop taking them and start a new thread on here about it.

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seaside-girl in reply to bluebug

I'm sorry I thought Folate was iron, I didn't realise they were different. I'm learning new things every time I come on here so thank you for telling me. So far thank goodness I have not had any bad side effects from the supplements, but I do introduce them one at a time. Thank you.

folate is a vitamin, as is B12.

ferritin is a protein that binds toiron allowing it to be used by the body. Iron is a mineral and is essential to the healthy production of red blood cells - as are folate and B12 - but all are used for other things in the body.

give how high your B12 levels are I would be inclined to stop taking the B12 supplement - for a while - it seems unlikely you have a B12 absorption problem if it has raised your levels that high so a much lower dosage would be perfectly sufficient. B12 and folate are used together in the body for a lot of processes so without adequate folate levels you aren't going to be experience the benefit of b12 fully.

Would suggest that you consult a GP or a phramacist at the very least about any further supplementation.

Very few people actually need to take a methylated form of folate or very high doses and the sort of tablets you can get at a supermarket are generally adequate.

Hi Gambit62 and thank you for responding. I was shocked to see how much my B12 level had shot up & in such a short time too....... it's almost double what it was five weeks ago so I have already started taking it alternate days instead of daily & will discuss it in detail with my GP. I will also have a chat with her about the Methylfolate, & if I think she does not fully understand, I'll talk to the pharmacist as I think they are often far more knowledgeable about medication & supplements than the GP's.

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