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Mary 8315

Could you please advise me what doctors are good for testing lyme disease. I have all the symptoms and have no results in england. Can you let me know what doctors in the United States have the knowledge xx

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No results -- is that because you've not been tested for antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi?



Mary8315 have you actually been tested by the NHS? Lyme disease is a clinical diagnosis therefore test results need to be interpreted by a knowledgeable person who's also taken into account medical history.

Do you have a thyroid condition as well?


Hiya thank you for replying. Yes I have had a test on the NHS.it came back negative. I have had thyroid and adrenal problems in the past hopefully stabilising now I think. Just really need a test to establish if I have got lymes. It so frustrating when you feel so I'll and don't know what it is. Kind regards x


Mary8315 were you given a copy of the test result, if not then you should as you're legally entitled. Did you discuss your symptoms with your GP and did your GP pass these on to RIPL? Have you had the EM rash? Do you remember being bitten?

The NHS is clueless when it comes to Lyme, added to which there are GPs who do not believe that Lyme exists instead believing it to be all in the head/the new ME etc etc.

Can you afford private testing via a clinic/private doctor? The link I gave you has details of testing. I really wouldn't trust the NHS with this and I'm speaking as someone who had worsening health that the NHS failed to investigate, have since been diagnosed with chronic Lyme and believe that I've had this for at least 5 years.

You need to be pro-active with this and I realise it isn't easy. Don't rely on the NHS to do anything, you've tested negative despite it being a very unreliable test which they probably didn't tell you.


Hiya sorry can you give me the link again. So sorry. Xx


Here you go:



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