Starting to feel fed up and useless

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism 5 months ago (before that doctors kept sending me away, telling me there was nothing wrong) I've been taking my Levothyroxine and my symptoms have been getting worse, my blood test came back today to say that I am now in the normal range, this has had me in tears because now I can't understand why I am in so much pain, literally falling asleep all the time and very depressed? I have the doctors today but I fear they will send me away again, I really don't know what to do anymore. Any advice would be great.

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Laura0622 While you're at the doctor's today, please ask for a print out of your test results. You are legally entitled to them under the Data Protection Act although they may make a small charge for printing. Get all of them (past and current ones), whatever has been done, and make sure the reference ranges are there. Then come back, make a new thread and list everything you have, your dose of Levo, any information you can think of. Members can then make suggestions.

If any of the following tests have not already been done, ask your GP to do them:




Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies

Thyroglobulin Antibodies



Vit D


The vitamins and minerals need to be at optimal levels for your thyroid hormone to work properly (and your doctor wont probably know that), not just in range but optimal. If you get those results we can see if you have any deficiencies and suggest supplements where necessary.

The antibodies tests will confirm or rule out autoimmune thyroiditis aka Hashimoto's disease.

TSH, FT4 and FT3 will tell us whether you are on your optimal dose of Levo.

If you can't get them all done via your GP then it's easy to get them done with a private fingerprick test at home.

Once we have all the information we can start helping you.

Thank you for your reply, I will take these questions in with me to the doctors, I am hoping they will do more to help as so far they have been very rude.

Oooh, my surgery has a Dr Rude (and Obnoxious), also Dr Hopeless, Dr Why Did I Even Bother and Dr Chocolate Teapot :) . I think they forget we pay for their services through our taxes and contributions, the least we should expect is a bit of courtesy.

Sounds like we go to the same Surgery!

You don't have a Dr I Don't Wanna Look at You Just Let Me Stare at My Screen??

Oh no, Jazzw , not got one of them, but a locum did print some information off about prolapse and told me to take it away and read it rather than talk to me about it then just said "Come back if you want the operation". << ......... shakes head and thinks 'No wonder we're all on here helping ourselves, we've given up with doctors'..............>>

You've surely heard me tell the tale that when I visited with that complaint, Dr I Dontwanttookatyou googled pictures of prolapses, told me to look at them and said I didn't have a prolapse if it didn't look like any of the pictures.

Well it didn't (thank God - some of those pictures were terrifying, especially the ones of sheep.... Sheep!) - but the consultant I then demanded to see fortunately thought otherwise.

Needless to say, I've never visited Dr I Dontwanttolookatyou again, although funnily enough you can always get an appointment to see him. Useless eejit.

You've just reminded me of Dr Eeeew Eeeeew :)

I was having a bit of (read lot of!) discomfort in that area, had already had a hemmorhoid problem earlier so wasn't sure if my discomfort was that again or something to do with the prolapse. I went along and saw Dr Chocolate Teapot and asked her to check because I was worried something else had prolapsed (thinking to myself, good grief, please no!!!).

Anyway, Dr CT put her gloves on, examined me from a distance (I don't smell!), and I swear if she'd had a couple of sticks she'd have used those instead of her gloved hands! She had a cursory look, promptly asked me what made me think I had a prolapse (errr, it was diagnosed by the locum, stupid!) and announced she didn't know what was causing my discomfort but it wasn't anything to do with the prolapse. End of!

Came away once again wondering why there's never anyone in the waiting room, realised it's because they're all a bunch of t*****s and re-christened her Dr Eeeew Eeeew (but I don't refer to her as that very much because it's a bit embarrassing to explain) :)

We should have a section on stupid doctors and how they let us down, it would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Can't say I'd like to look at pictures of sheep prolapses though, imagining it is enough.

Dr Rude (& Obnoxious) is relatively easy to see because no-one likes him. I avoid him usually but he's good with chests :) or rather lungs, so I have seen him quite a few times this year as I've had a lot of problems there, pleurisy, pneumonia, pseudomonas, at least I get more done in that department with him than any of the useless donkeys there.

We should - we could have a Cr@p Doctor Corner. I could tell you about Dr What Do You Expect Me to do About it? and Dr Shifty. Another day... :) There's only a couple of decent doctors in the practice. And of course, you have to wait 3-4 weeks to get an appointment with either of them.

Dr Shifty........LOL..............Dr Shifty - the mind boggles!

I like the idea of Cr@p Doctor Corner, could cheer us up or maybe make us all shake our heads in despair.

Probably unlikely they will do T3/T4 and antibodies tests though so you may have to order them yourself through Blue Horizon unfortunately. Hopefully your doctor will listen to you but if not you may find yourself having to self medicate like so many of us here :-/

NatChap i actually got a ft3 and ft4 from my doc, though i wanted rt3 too... greedy!... i begged her so hard, and told her i was gonna self medicate myself and not come back if she didnt help ... if you know how your doc ticks, then try their hand... i got a morsal.. not much , but better than nothing

You're lucky martine1234, I have asked so many times for FT3 but to no avail. the last GP I saw said there is no point doing it as it won't change how they treat me!!

NatChap hi, to be honest, it hasnt changed much for me either.. tbh i was hoping it was extreme either way lol.. at least i would of had something to go on... i think i shall be ordering from blue horizon on payday ... i really want my rt3 done.... and THAT they defo dont do.. i told my doc its like doing half a job... i think they would save alot of time and money if they just went straight to the problem.. now i am having camera up the bum and a scan on my stomach lol...wont do any harm i suppose, i may even find i have a gut problem which is common, but its like your car breaking down, smoke coming out the bonnet, and looking in the boot for the problem... they are soooooooo rigid.. these docs definitely get brow beaten to stick rigidly to the guidlines.. all a big con! money money money!

I know what you you mean, I went in and explained everything AGAIN! And the doctor tried to tell me that it could be postnatal depression! I asked her to explain all the pain I get etc, and now she is sending me for testing for autoimmune diseases!

I did ask if I could see a specialist but they said I could only be referred if they were unable to help me! I felt like shouting 'you aren't bloody helping me!'

Laura0622 indeed they are... the docs dont have to live in our skin.. and if they did, they would go private and keep going private til they got well... some people cant afford it... inequality for sure..

good point about the print outs from your doc.. mine didnt hesitate... even told him what i was doing... his hands are tied... i didnt know that we could have them til i joined on here .

I have had Graves Disease since 1984 and throughout that time my blood tests have often appeared within the normal range but I know I'm not well. Medics are very cautious with Thyroxine to protect the heart. What they don't appreciate is that the symptoms of Hypothyroidism can bring you so low that there is little quality of life. An enlightened doctor once said " you seem like an intelligent patient" and suggested that I take 25 micrograms more if I felt that I needed it. That was helpful to me. Wishing you well!

Thank you for your reply, let's hope they take me seriously today! Do you struggle with your Doctor or are they very thorough?

mmm its a cop out wen the docs say do what u feel ... it happened to me ... am very poorly at present and have to stop all meds for 4 days... going up too quick isnt good as it takes a few weeks to really take effect properly.. so in the mean time you think it isnt working and go up again.. them wham... too much ... i want rt3 ttested.. i reckon thats what happend to me but my doc wont do it...

Struggle! The post menopausal female with her various complex symptoms and unhappy face seems to be at the bottom of the priority list for GPs. What we have is just not sexy.

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