Painful joints

I've been having terrible joint pain in my outer thighs so went to doctors who gave me gel that hasn't worked, so went back today to ask for heat patches on prescription as I tried them and they really helped, trouble is the doctor advised I can't have them on prescription, so I asked if there was something like them that might help, he said no just heat a towel up and wrap it around my leg, I replied that this would be impossible while working! I told him I would seek advise from someone else, I am spitting feathers, I'm sooooo angry and in so much pain, what's the matter with the doctors in this country, I thought they were supposed to help, what a joke..... Anyone else have this kind of pain? and what meds do you use to help? Please help. thank you.

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Old fashioned hot water bottle which can be refilled during the working day should help.

I am suffering with painful joints and muscles too. Have you had your Vit D, Iron and B12 levels checked? I just had some tests done and am Vit D deficient..I was already deficient in iron. Also magnesium is known to help muscular aches x

Thanks for that Natchap will look into having some tests done. Although I'm getting to feel like a hypochondriac I seem to be at the doctors all the time for something, getting sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Thanks anyway.

I think we can all sympathise with that feeling, you aren't alone ;-) Lots of advice on here about brands and dosages of supplements if you find you are deficient. If you can get some tests done post your results on here because the doctors ideas of what is ok is often wrong x

Thank you.

I have leg cramping everyday plus pins and needles in both feet. Don't know the cause but is getting worse. My dr. SENT ME FOR nerves testing in my legs don't know results yet.hope you find some help and feel better.

That sounds like low B12. Have you had that tested?

My b 12 levels are good high even. Thanks for answering. My dr made me go for nerve testing which is probably a waste of time had one 3yrs. Ago and was fine. Think I need a new dr. For thyroid. I also take supplements nothing seems to work

Do you know the numbers for your B12? Or is that just your doctor's opinion? Optimal for B12 is 1000, regardless of what the range may say.

Yes one was over 1100. I do supplement b 12. Thanks


Doc had me on T4 only for a year or so and I had horrible leg/thigh pains (plus other hypo symptoms). I asked for NDT (old Armour) and the pain went away within a few days. It was amazing. I am in the states so don't know if adding some T 3 or optimizing your thyroid meds is doable for you or if it would be helpful or not. I have gone thru childbirth and never had that sort of pain before or since. I think what made it so maddening was that it was so unrelenting and nothing seemed to affect or relieve it at all.

Joint pain is a symptom of low thyroid levels. What were the results of your most recent blood test?

Hi, My last results were low so they upped the meds, so we will see the next time I am tested thanks x

OK, so while I was fighting for diagnosis joint and muscle pain were one of my worst symptoms, along with fatigue. So before you go down the line of painkillers which only mask the symptoms and do nothing for the cause, you need to make sure your thyroid levels are optimal.

Mind you, I am not suggesting you tough it out in the mean time - just be aware that if you are properly medicated you probably won't need the painkillers any more.

Thanks for that Ruthi, going to check my levels in a few weeks. x

Low thyroid levels affect the muscles and your butt muscles are the biggest in your body - take a look at some pictures on the internet of the Gluteus Maximus so you can see how this would affect your thighs. Just a thought.....

I have chronic sciatica - both sides - after spinal surgery - I wouldn't go to the Docs though as I am aware they do not have all the answers. Am about to take a yoga class - and a good stretch can work wonders :-)

Post your latest blood results of your thyroid and vitamins with ranges and people will help.

Sciatica is so debilitating I get it now and then living with that level of pain Marz would be awful especially on both sides.

Marz,thereis a small butt muscle the piriformis.Googling pain in right buttock ,i came across piriformis syndrome and in my case the probable cause: rotating my foot to the right whilst onthe accelerator.After about 50 miles it is very painful.

Time to stretch out those hamstrings ! Something men suffer from more than women ! Lying on the floor or your bed - raise both legs and straighten them to see how tight your hamstrings are :-)

After your piriformis research take a look at the psoas - wow - there's a challenge to reach those !

My right piriformis and psoas muscles are a real pain! I was recently told that the tighter the piriformis becomes the more the foot turns out, which is difficult then to work out what caused what. I'm currently seeing a new physio who's teaching me muscle energy techniques to do myself to stretch and release them both in a very gentle way so that they don't react too much. Either mine are nothing to do with my thyroid or I've never found the right dose because they have a life of their own :(

Starting to wonder whether a pain at the top of the inside thigh ,when moving leg sideways is the psoas.

Cause and effect is a difficulty. At the weekend I drove about 150 miles to the Lakes and was constantly adjusting my foot to be straight when on the accelerator. Habits die hard! However j had no piriformis pain ,just a little discomfort.

The above link might be helpful, also google magnesium and the effects of deficiency x

Use Vicks on your painful muscles my aunt has used it for years. I had lots of back pain due to OA however when Levi increased to 100 a lot of the radiating pain in back and thigh disappeared along with half the sinusitis brain fog. Also Arnica soak Helps too.. The Vicks same as the heat patches or sainsbury own vapour rub too.

I do sympathise with you on this one. I had horrendous pain from trochanteric bursitis in my right hip for well over a year. GP had sent me for x-rays to make sure there wasn't anything serious going on with no joy. It was so bad that there were some days I could hardly put any weight on my right leg and I limped 75% of the time. It cleared up miraculously within two days of starting on B12 oral spray. I've since got my thyroid, vit B12 and vit D levels to where they need to be and it hasn't made any sort of re-appearance.

Hi all,I developed hip pain last year,both hips or alternatively,this was in addition to my other aches & pains,however since being on a combination of t4&t3 the joint pain& hip pain is almost gone,if any pain starts up again I've been using a gel from Holland & Barrett Green Lipped Muscle is the active ingredient it actually works! I wish I'd known about it earlier!its called Pernaton X

Could be down to low or deficient vitamin D blood levels, sounds a little bit like the joint painI get when I forget to take my vitamin D3. Not saying this is what you have, but do consider it sos1965 if nothing else comes to light.

Do you ache more in the winter time ?

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin and people often say in the winter their bones are aching more, just another thought :)

Thanks for the info, I will go and get more tests done for vit D levels.

Don't accept 'normal' as gospel from your Doctor,on your vitamin D blood result sos1965, pop your vitamin D blood result and its ranges up on here 'Thyroid Uk' for other members to check if is really is 'normal' or not, as a 'low' in range' blood result can still be the cause of vitamin D symptoms.

Thanks for your reply Coastwalker, I will once I get my test results back.

Thank you for the massive response I had on my painful joints, I take all of your replys on board, I am looking to seeing my doctor again to get more tests done and will post them once received. Thanks to everyone its nice to know we are not alone on here. xx

Hello, my experience with joint pain had nothing to do with my levels. My levels are top shape. The reason why I had joint pain is because I had low stomach acid and when you experience low stomach acid you become deficient in vitamins and minerals because your body no longer absorb them properly and you become very deficient in iron etc... Solved my low stomach acid with Betaine HCL with Pepsin along with the SCD diet and now i`m joint pain free and my body is finally absorbing vitamins and healing. Thought i would post this in case it could lead someone to their root cause.

Try an Epsom Salts soak before bed.

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