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So, went to my doctors again yesterday, saw the same nurse practitioner that’s been the one that’s been more helpful than any of the GP’s I’ve seen recently... only to be told “I don’t know what else to do for you? Do you think you have health anxiety?”. He then promptly got me in with a GP who pretty much started by asking me my symptoms and then stopping me halfway through (there’s a few 😂) and saying “look, gonna be honest with you, you have anxiety and we are doing no more tests”. Then literally told me not to come back for 6 weeks!!

So annoyed. Feeling crap today too. 😔

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Ask him which of the blood tests he's already done is for anxiety. Flipping cheek.

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And tell him that anxiety is a symptom of badly treated hypo!

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It’s made me feel like I can’t go to the doctors... couldn’t believe it!

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I can imagine just how you feel. But, you could go back and tell him he's not qualified to diagnose anxiety, as he's not a psychiatrist!

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I haven't visited a GP for over two years now I just obtain my own blood test and then self medicate with NDT. I got all of the information from this site after becoming ill after my thyroid was removed in Oct 2015. It did take me quite a long time to get the amount right but not I feel good and I am 72 years old.

The GP and Endos just kept me feeling ill and stressed out so I decided to do my own thing.

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Good on you!

Oh Craig914 😣 I’m so sorry. This is not unusual. Do you have your latest results? Let’s have a look at them. Let’s get you educated so that you can go forward and fight your corner with confidence! ALL of us here have to fight for the treatment that we need. We’ll get you there too 🤗

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Hi Paula6, SlowDragon advised on the above threads. GP won’t listen. Managed to get B12, ferritin and folate done after asking 2 different GP’s, although they haven’t tested active B12.

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Have you said that you have wiggle room? Your results are ok. But if your symptoms are persisting then certainly you could increase by 25mcg every day or every other day or 3times per week. You can advise your DR that you could introduce 25mcg 3 times per week to start of. Tell her that if your FT3/4 don’t go out of range then there’s room for improvement. Keep going back. Every few weeks till you wear them down!!

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I’m not currently on medication. Had an overactive thyroid about 7yrs ago, treated with carbimazole but they took me off it when thyroid function went back in range.

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😩 oh your story just keeps getting worse. Have you looked at self prescribing? If they’re going to be trouble then see what you can get on your own.

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Until joining this group a couple of weeks ago I had no idea this was an option. I have honestly never felt so low and ill, mentally draining. It’s crazy how doctors won’t listen to what your telling them about your body. Even little things like the loss of hair on my face. I had this happen when I first went overactive they just laughed at me. I’ve walked out at times thinking I’ve gone mad and they are right.

By the way, had loads of other blood tests done and have all come back okay.

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It’s so bloody frustrating isn’t it? They’ll dole out antidepressants, anti anxiety drugs but won’t give you the one thing that’ll make you sane again 😩 You are not mad, believe what you’re feeling and start looking at alternatives. I’m glad you’re getting your vitamin levels optimal, keep working on those and on the meantime put up a post for orivate messages for Levo or T3, just start self medicating. I know only too well being not believed for 10yrs. All manner of blood tests, arthritis, MRI, heart scan, full blood count. The. It was ‘Fibromyalgia’ and then it was early or peri menopausal 😩 I would argue and argue and cry and throw tantrums. Fecking humiliating to be begging 😕

I went private, I got my proper treatment, I found a way. Wait! That’s giving me too much credit, members of this forum pointed out the way, I just had the funds to follow their leads. Find a way, no one else gives a crap! You’re the only one that cares enough about you 😔

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Thank you Paula6. My mother had same issue... battled for 7yrs telling doctors something was wrong. Turned out she was overactive too. I really don’t get it and the reluctance to help.

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Words like "okay" and "normal" aren't acceptable here. 😁 We like actual numbers!

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Links to numbers are in conversation thread

Very common to be told you have anxiety, however, if hypothyroidism is adequately supplemented then you should be symptom free, so either you're not adequately supplemented or something else is causing symptoms.

Has the doctor checked all vitamin levels including vitamin D and have you got results? Have you got any digestive problems? These are all common causes of symptoms that GP's rarely investigate routinely.

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Yep! Stomach aches that aren’t cramps, constipation although that’s okay at min. Felt really sick today on and off. Had heartburn too which I’ve never suffered from.

Posted threads to my results. Vit D deficient, low folate and B12 according to advice on threads. Had loading dose of vit d

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Given that you have gastro symptoms: have you tried elimination trials of troublesome foods like gluten & dairy?

I’m curious why your picture has a different name beside it several times here. I could have sworn you said you had a 13 year old and then that you had no kids. Am I going crazy. Entirely possible lol.

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You are not going crazy! I have also wondered recently why the same member posts with different names ... turns out there’s a glitch and, on my phone at least, the photo of the first post I read keeps appearing in the next posts I open. All different members!

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Thank goodness lol. Thought It was time to reserve my spot in the home lol.

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There have recently been some reports of the wrong icon appearing, sometimes, for some members. I suspect that is what happened.

HealthUnlocked are aware and we hope it will soon be fixed.


Not changed my picture? An I’ve never mentioned my children on here?

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Happy Father’s Day Craig.

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Thank you. At work today so not spent much time with the kids 😔

What did he say?

How do I go about this?

That's disgusting. That's all they seem to want to do - prove that the patient is mad. Such a strange way of practicing medicine.

Yup. It's called 'gaslighting'.

No, I've never seen that film, but I've experienced gaslighting first hand.

Yes, I know that. :) I've just never actually seen the film.

I've just watched Fanny by Gaslight, and it's not about gaslighting at all! lol Wrong film. It was the 1944 film Gaslight, with Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman that gave 'gaslighting' its name. :)

They get more funding points for prescribing antidepressants than for thyoxine - so obviously they don't want you off psych meds

Well, I'm guilty, too. I got them confused. lol

What a cop out......grrrrrrrr. GP's drive me mad, why not just admit they're out of their depth, would have loads more respect for them then.

Anxiety is a key symptom of improperly-treated hypothyroidism. The fact of the matter is, the majority of doctors are useless for thyroid. The best thing you can do at this point is treat yourself - starting with finding your own supply of T3.

actually the term comes from a 1938 play called " Gaslight " which is not the same as the film Fanny by Gaslight

just seen that someone has already corrected that misconception!

Hi All, quick question so I’m 100% sure... going back to doctors tomorrow, I’ve also requested a call from the practice manager to complain about last appointment!

Am I right in saying that although last thyroid blood test was “in range” with raised TPO, I can still have symptoms? Might be a silly question but want to be 100% sure. Endo says raised TPO common in patients who have previously had thyroid problem and not to retest for another 12months.

Yikes! My side-effects on Prozac were effing unbelievable! It is actually legal for people with "MD" behind their name, to give poison to patients.

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