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Mary Kidson's daughter

Just received this email:

Dear Ms *******

Thank you for your email of 24 November, addressed to the Prime Minister, about Mary Kidson’s daughter. Your email has been passed to this department as we are responsible for the policy on child protection.

While I do understand the reasons why you have sought help from the Prime Minister on this matter, I am afraid I must explain that government ministers and officials are not in a position to comment on, or attempt to intervene in, individual cases. I can assure you this is not due to any lack of concern or interest but so that there can be no risk of perceived or actual interference in the independence of the judiciary, or other agencies which may be involved in this case.

You may wish to be aware that local authority children’s services and other agencies in the local area are responsible, in law, for ensuring that arrangements are in place to safeguard and protect children.

Thank you for taking the time to write, and I am sorry that I cannot be of more help to you on this occasion.

Your correspondence has been allocated reference number 2014-0001616 . If you need to respond to us, please visit:<> and quote your reference number.

As part of our commitment to improving the service we provide to our customers, we are interested in hearing your views and would welcome your comments via our website at:<>.

Yours sincerely

 Matthew Dalby 

To be honest, I can't remember writing to them, nor the exact reason why (loss of short-term memory!) but I'm not impressed with the reply! Has anyone else had this?

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Mary Kidson was the lady who was held in prison for several months awaiting trial having been accused of poisoning her daughter with thyroid hormones, after she had consulted Thierry Hertoghe. It was found that Mary had no case to answer and her trial was never completed. Mary was freed immediately. Her teenage daughter, in the meantime, was sectioned by the state and is still not free to go where she wants. Mary obviously wants her daughter home as soon as possible. I would guess that your email was about releasing Mary's daughter.


Yes, I know who she is. lol But there must have been a specific reason for me writing this rather than just signing a petition - of which I signed several. But I can't remember writing it. I just wondered if anybody else had also written an email, and if they got the same replay.

The reply just really seems to say, we don't really care. Not our problem, squire. Allez hop! Pass the buck to someone else! Disgusting!!!


Sorry, I misunderstood which bit you had forgotten. Since I forget lots of stuff too, I posted the bits that I could remember! :D




Yes, I have. It was in regard to the child who was removed from her Mother by the authorities as child was given medication by the mother as the doctors wouldn't treat her. The mother believe child was hypothyroid and that was confirmed by a holistic doctor in Belgium.

We signed an appeal to get the child restored to Mother so I suspect it was then forwarded to the PM.


Um yup, shaws, that's what humanbean said above. lol But that's not the question. My memory's not quite that bad! lol

But obviously you don't remember any more than I do! Did I actually write an email to which this is the reply, or is it as you said, the petition was sent on. If you don't remember writing an email either, then it's probably the latter! However, still not impressed with the reply!

Haven't heard anything about this case lately. Does anybody know what's going on?


These are a couple:-

This one is telling us to email the PM. so we must have done so. I don't remember either.


Ha ha! Oh, what memories! Well, anyway, we can feel smug that we actually did so, whether we remember it or not! We've got the non-commital email to prove it!

Anyway, having just looked at that last link, I do remember! Ouf! But it would seem there's still no sign of the poor girl going home. Poor child.


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