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Thyroid panel results for autoimmune w cancer

Since the cancer recurrence I truly feel like the doctors are just letting me coast and not giving effort or true consideration to help me live a quality life. I am suffering so much from a cough, pressure in chest from proven pneumonitis inflammation, sometimes breathless. But I don't know what is whacked out thyroid symptoms or other stuff.

I have systemic rheumatic autoimmune diseases of lupus, scleroderma, Sjorgen's, breast cancer. Positive for Hashimoto's some years back --- all of which runs in my family.

My rheumatologist did a 'few' labs at my request for a FULL panel. Ugh. I am on my own to figure out what to do with these.

Results according to the typical range was a high free thyroxine (T7) and the rest were considered normal enough. But I use the optimal range and so not normal enough for me.

I am confused w the results.

Thank you for trying to coach me on what to do.


I understand the FT4 could have been VERY HIGH due to cancer which would decrease that number.

I have breast cancer that spread to liver, bronchial. Also my right lung has high inflammation.

I am not on hormone targeted therapy (estrogen suppression).

I was off chemo for 6 days before the labs.

I had taken very low dose of prednisone every other day but only for 6 days. 5 mg / day.

My thyroid meds were taken 6 hrs before labs.


I go by optimal results for my goal.

Low TSH 0.7 (optimal 1.8 - 3.0)

High T-3 uptake resin 44.8 (optimal 28 - 38)

Normal T4 Free thyroxine 9.89 (optimal 5.4 - 11.5)

High T 7 Free thyroxine index 11.08 (optimal 1.2 - 4.9)


Please give tips based on if I tweaked the synthroid (was on 100 mg). Or if I tweaked the ThyroGold (had been on 150 mg right before but switched to synthroid due to finances). I still have both I can take. A combination of synthroid base w a hint of ThyroGold would be best for me financially right now. Unfortunate as that is.

Thank you for reading and helping.

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TSH is suppressed <0.1 which reduces the chances of thyroid cancer recurring. Free Thyroxine 9.89 is in the upper range. Both indicate you are adequately dosed. I would need to see Free T3 result and range to be able to advise whether or not to add ThyroGold to 100mcg Levothyroxine.

I'm afraid I don't understand H-T3 uptake or H T 7 index. They're not tested in UK as far as I'm aware. One of the American thyroid sites such as Hypothyroidmom, Mary Shomon or ThyroidSexy or their Facebook pages may be able to advise.

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Thank you for your support, Clutter. I really need the input and some guidance.

It does look like I am adequately dosed. With all the health issues and feeling like crapola, I cannot tell how I am feeling from thyroid.


WHAT THEY MEAN ---- Resin T3 uptake and T7

The Resin T3 uptake according to my Thyroid Madness book means if high then there is less protein binding sites. I tracked down this bit.... "TBG deficiency usually accompanies an underlying illness. A low TBG level doesn’t cause symptoms (but illness does)."

"T7 Free Thyroxine Index

--- The T7 Index is used to calculate Free T4, one of the two active thyroid hormones in your bloodstream. The T7 Index is a calculated Free T4 score and is not as accurate as a machine run Free T4 test. This test is part of the Complete Thyroid Package (5 total tests) and cannot be ordered individually.

" from a lab site

"T7 is also known as the free-T4 index. Take your total-T4 number (14)

and multiply by your resin uptake-T3 number (22) and divide by 100 to get 3.1 as they report for you. The typical range for this test is 1-4 (no units!); high numbers point toward hyper, low toward hypo. IMHO, since you have the T4 number AND the uptake number, you have more information than the single T7 number.....but there is some history to the T7 index that I won't bore you with.

The uptake test is a measure of the binding proteins for the thyroid hormones, TBg's. The typical range for this test is 25-35%. The lower the uptake is means the higher the concentration of TBg. High TBg generally means there is not as much free-hormone around (resulting from such things as hypo, estrogen therapy, pregnancy, lithium, liver disease, PTU etc). And free-hormone is what is needed to get any work done." from a google thyroid forum in US


Soooo I am deducting that the high T7 means there is a flood of estrogen / hormones within and that is making the difference in my use of the thyroid hormones.

I am guessing that the hormones could be from the Thyrogold sheep hormones and from me, what little I have stored in my fat cells and create even in menopause. I am not now on hormone suppressing therapy but was on Arimidex for 3 yrs then Femara for 6 mo. Stopped in April.

To keep the good parts, I am going to reduce Synthroid to 75 mg and add 75 mg ThyroGold in the afternoon. I will see if my "heart" and breathing improve and my energy level is better. It's all I have to go on. I did have an echo and EKG recently, both great results. Lungs showed pneumonitis from radiation, inflammation.

If anyone has input, I am open for every tidbit. Thank you.


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