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Blood Results, please can someone check them

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I posted last week to say I had a partial thyroidectomy 25 years ago. Have never felt well since. Currently on 125mcg thyroxine. So my results are as follows:

FT4 - 20.4 (12-22) TT4 - 126 (59-154) TSH - 0.188 (0.27-4.2)

FT3 - 3.56 (3.1-6.8) RT3 - 41 (10-24)

TGAB - <10 (0-115) TPOAB - 9 (0-34)

Ferritin - 238 (15-150) Folate - 12.4 (2.9-50) CRP - 9.6 (<5)

VIT D - 61.4 (50-200) VIT B12 - 168 where deficient <103, insufficient 103 - 185

Thank you. I hope these make sense to somebody!

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First thing that leaps out is the very high Reverse T3

Probably due to too much T4 that is struggling to be used due to very low vitamins

Your FT3 is far too low

Vitamin B12 is very low and folate fairly low. You may need B12 injections

Do you have symptoms of low B12

Suggest you post these on PAS healthunlocked

Your vitamin D is too low. Needs to be around 100nmol/L

GP won't prescribe, so just buy your own. "Better You" mouth spray is easy to use. Perhaps try 3000iu for 2-3 months and retest - you probably need to continue to supplement at maintenance level after. Testing twice year - £28 postal kit

Do you supplement ferritin? If not this needs investigation it's very high.

Can be hemochromatosis

Once you get vitamin levels sorted and stable retest , if reverse T3 still high you will need to consider reducing T4 and adding T3.

If you want a T3 friendly endo email Louise for list of recommended thyroid specialists

Avoid all soya including soya lecithin, and fluoride free toothpaste is good idea too

Thanks so much SlowDragon. So the first 2 things to sort out are vitamin D and vit B12. I already suspected both of these were low. If i show my B12 result to G P do you think he will test me and sort it out. When I asked for a B12 test before he refused.

I must admit I am a bit worried about the ferritin!

So you think I should leave T3 until my vitamins are better? Thank you so much.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Hippiechick

Yes show results to GP and ask for full testing for Pernicious Anaemia and intrinsic factor

Also ask about high ferritin

Vitamins need sorting first in my view

Great. Thank you again. I am looking at the Paso page now. My grandmother had it so it could be that I have it.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Hippiechick

Did you have thyroidectomy due to Graves? If so this is autoimmune.

No. I had large collection of cysts on my thyroid causing a goitre like appearance. They couldn't be sure back then what it was without removing it. I was so fatigued at the time that I could barely walk. They told me afterwards that I had autoimmune hypo and put me on thyroxine.. my thyroxine has been increased and decreased over the years but I have not seen an endo since the op.

I'm just a bit confused!!

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So you have autoimmune disease even though your antibodies are low (because of no thyroid? - not sure about that)

You may therefore still benefit from trying 100% gluten free diet.

Might be worth trying - after you get vitamins sorted

Only try to change one thing at a time or impossible to asses which is helping

Thank you. I have considered going gluten free, but no i wont try that before i get my vitamins sorted. By the way. Would it need to be really strict, as in separate knives, chopping boards etc etc for the gluten free thing to really work?

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