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childs blood results any ideas

My child suddenly put on loads of weight about 2 years ago. He has had achy legs since he was a toddler and they are so painful now that he often crys if he has to walk anywhere. He is very tired and has complained recently that it is too much hard work for him to move from one chair in our sitting room to another. He is constipated and feels cold all the time, even in the really hot weather this year and his temp when taken if often around 35.5. He is quite volitile emotionally,easily upset with angry outbursts and is becoming increasingly odd and unable to follow instructions. He has a circular rash on his back a while back and is diagnosed with dyspraxia. His blood results are would you beleive

TSH 1.10

T4 15.7 ( 12-22)

T3 5.8 ( 3.1-6.8)

His ferritin was 48.9 ( 33- 400)

his alt was raised 84 (10-50)

Globulin 37 ( 22-36)

lymphocytes 10.47 ( 1.5-7.0)

He had a sore throat at the time of taking and GP thinks his raised liver function probably as a result of viral infection. Could his low ferritin mean that he is unable to utilise thyroid hormones available.

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I am unable to answer your question but ask GP to test for rheumatoid arthritis. Your son could have juvenile R.A which has quite disabling symptoms and is often overlooked


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