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Muscle pain in chest

Hi , been hypo for 20 years , on t3 and t4 combo . Last 2 weeks been having chest , shoulder and arm pain . Moves about , feels so tender to the touch . Hurts in between breast bone and under ribs . Pain is worse at night .

Ended up in a and e last week and had ecg , chest X-ray and bloods done and all were fine . Doctors said its muscular . Just taking ibroufen at minute as don't want to take strong med s as they never agree with me and make me feel worse . Any body suffered from this ? Any advise , thank you 👍

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Look at costochondritis - I started with it 18 months ago and it hurts 😖 there is a link to thyroid and fibromyalgia. I'm also sure someone will mention Vit D muscular problems are symptomatic of low levels


Thank you , I did read up about that , how long did it take to go ? And did you go on strong meds?


I was compromised because I can't take anti-inflammatory meds. It took months and to be honest I still suffer from it but not as bad. I've read lots of stories where it seems to resolve in a couple of weeks/months


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