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Lung/Chest Pain

Hi.. I just wondered if anybody suffers from bad lung/chest pain due to their thyroid. I have suffered with this on and off now for the past couple of years and despite chest xrays in the past its just fobbed off. (They thought it was blood clots due to a brain haemorrhage). Its so painful, im having a flare up of it at the moment but I dont bother going to the drs as it will probably be another chest xray.

Thank you.

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Jord, If it is the chest bone or muscle that hurts you should have iron, ferritin and vitamin D checked as low levels can cause musculskeletal pain, low mood and fatigue. May as well ask for B12 and folate to be checked too as low levels can cause shortness of breath amongst other symptoms.


Hi Jord

Looks like we get simalar symptons as you have just posted on my thread I get pain under my ribs i sternum that goes into my back and pain in back on that side as well I also get very sore spots on my chest I have had 2 gall bladder and liver scans all come back with nothing


Hi Jord38, I have been given inhalers as I was finding my breathing was causing pain in my chest. So I'm diagnosed as asthmatic, even though I never had this problem before. So 6 yrs ago thyroid (under active) diagnosis, 2 yrs ago asthma diagnosis, this year Feb low B12 discovered, September fibromyalgia diagnosed. Is there any end to the amount of medication I wonder? I'm also wondering if these are all linked? Ask your GP if your pain is asthma?



Can asthma cause that type of pain?


Yes I definitely get this. I've been told it's Costochondritis. A lot of Thyroid patients seem to have problems with this. It's inflammation of the cartilage between your ribcage and sternum. Can be extremely painful and mistaken for a heart attack although other heart attack symptoms aren't present. I just take ibuprofen when it flares up... not much help to you maybe!!


Thank you all for your replies. Will definitely get to the docs and ask for some blood tests, the pain is awful x


Unfortunately identifying the cause of chest pain can be difficult - see this list to see why!


I have the Costochondritis at times.

Back in 2006, after exercising too hard and being under medicated, I got a condition which sometimes goes with hypothyroidism, pericarditis. It took one and half years to get a diagnosis and numerous visits to the emergency department at various hospitals. The pain appeared to be Costochondritis so it was ignored. By the time I got an official diagnosis it had moved into the heart muscle. I was diagnosed with perimyocarditis with a pericardial efusion.

One diagnosis was an enlarged heart which is common with hypoT. Another was atypical chest pain. And one ED doctor told me to never come back there with these symptoms; take an aspirin and go lie down. Essentially the message there was "you're a hypochondriac. Don't come back here." By the time I got diagnosed I was close to dying from severe heart palpitations, a racing heart, an irregular heart beat, and soaring blood pressure.

Be persistent and keep going to find out what it is.

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I hope you. Put a complaint in!


Im actually on a beta blocker for palpitations and irregular heart beat. I was told it's nothing to worry about. Im sick of doctors to be honest, I nearly died because they said my brain haemorrhage was a migraine. I need to go but they will just fob me off. I have a three year old to run around after and my health is terrible. Sorry for rambling on im feeling down with it all x


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