Where can I get T3

Went to my gp recently and was told that T4 is the right medication for hypothyroidism. I can feel very cold on a summers day and hot on winters day. All depends on my hormones!

My joints are achy even though t4 has been increased to 75 mcg. In this surgery they have their own set of Readings of high low or normal or abnormal.

I am fed up knowing that my health matters aren't important to the doctors.

If anyone knows of where I can get supply of T3 , genuine ones please PM me. Thanks .😊

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  • Tell me about it, you are not alone! I am just starting a self trial of T3 because my GP won't discuss anything other than Levothyroxine. You can purchase it online via Fitness sights or private pharmacies. I bought Tiromel because you can get it in smaller quantities if doing it on a trial basis. I just googled Tiromel and numerous sights came up. Just go at it slowly which was recommended to me. Can't say how it's working, too early and don't know yet.

  • Yeah it helps to know I'm not alone. I have chronic insomnia too and again no help at all from gps. It's not their problem see! Can you pm me the place you get your t3 pls? I'm really stuck ! No one to turn to except you guys.

  • Hope it can somehow help my sleep too. It's a torture really😱

  • Only buy from member recommended reliable suppliers. Don't buy from bodybuilding sites, you don't know what you're getting.

  • Thanks for info seasideSusie!

  • Oops that's what I did 🤔.

  • Its vital you get a copy of all your results inc ref ranges

    Your legally entitled to them

    Far too kften doctors say your fine because results are "in range" when actually they must be optimal

  • Im fed up too with the doctors. They don't care. We are just a number on their system that they hv to see and be told everything's alright. Go home have a good rest, plenty of water blah blah

  • 😅

  • Your dose of 75mcg is quite low. and that may be the sole problem.

    We used to be prescribed much higher doses until all symptoms were resolved. Nowadays it is a dot on a piece of paper which dictates whether patient needs more whilst ignoring their clinical symptoms. You also say your dose has been increased to 75mcg so I dare not think you were kept on 50mcg for a long period as it is a starting dose only.

    Many doctors are unaware how to treat patients, they've never been taught, it would seem, anything about the function of a thyroid gland.

    Get a print-out of your recent results from the surgery and post on a new question if you don't have them today. I suspect they will be low instead of 'optimum'.

  • Hi shaws I will do so maybe with blue horizon. Do I need to stop taking the med the day b4 blood test? Any idea how long the med stays in system? How to avoid false reading?

  • Allow a 24 hour gap between your last dose and the test. So, for instance if you take a bedtime dose, you miss this and take after test and bedtime dose as usual the same day.

    If you take dose in the morning, you don't take it before the test but afterwards. Test has also to be a fasting blood test and as early as possible.

  • Yes T3 may not be the answer. If you can post your results and the ranges we would be better placed to advise you. The ranges are important as they differ from lab to lab and without them we would just be guessing. Reading posts on this site over time I've seen many who are seriously undermedicated. Lots of doctors have little knowledge and can leave you undermedicated as they don't want things to go wrong and be blamed for it!

    Another common problem is that you may not be good at converting the inactive T4 into the active T3 so looking at your bloods we should get an idea if that is the case. Adding T3 can make you feel better but at the end of the day you still have a conversion problem because other things aren't right. As thyroid people we are often low in vitamins and minerals but the four things which help the Thyroid convert well are Vit D, B12, folate and ferritin. So get those tested as well. Like thyroid readings they need to. E optimal, not just in range so post your results and ranges for those and you will get good advice. Remember things in the Thyroid world move slowly S so vitamin levels so depending how deficiency we are we are talking months not weeks to solve the problem but it's well worth the effort. Think of your body as a car engine. It can get you from A to B but if not tuned up properly it can be a bumpy ride!

  • I must find out about blue horizon and how to go about it. One step at a time. Somehow my GP will not refer me to endo as she says she can manage. Am tired enough, no energy to question the professionals.

  • Here is info about private tests. Also remember it has taken a long, long time before we are diagnosed as hypo so it stands to reason it takes a while to replace our hormones very gradually. Some doctors believe, wrongly, that once the TSH is anywhere in the range that we're on sufficient. Not so, a TSH should be around 1 with FT3 and FT4 in the upper part of the range but these are rarely tested.


  • Thanks for care. Makes me feel better already 😊

  • Dear Hype,

    75mcg is a low dose, but even on the right dose/higher dose, you can still get cold hands etc. It is more to do with blood circulation. You might be B12 deficient and anaemic as well as Vitamin D deficient, which have similar symptoms as thyroid conditions.

    I am on 200 mcg of T4 thyroxine and 20 mcg of T3 Lithyronine and still feel the cold but I know I am on the right dose. However, when I was in my 30's my dose was reduced to 75 mcg and that was when all my problems began.

    Twenty plus years on, I still have a lot of problems, but I feel my thyroid medication is correct but I still feel cold all the time and occasional hot flush. Rarely sweat now either.

    I think you need to post your results and ranges, to see if T3 is the answer. I would not advise to swap and change medication without thoroughly researching it first and seeking at the minimum, a second opinion. Regardless of medical and professional opinion, one medication does not suit all.

    Take care :)

  • Thanks JollyDolly. I am thinking of using the blood test company that is posted here. Don't trust my Gp to do anything more than needed, Tsh and T4.

  • Have you had your Vitamin D checked? Low D often causes sore joints. You do need to have B12, Folate and Ferritin checked too. If you go for a private blood test choose one that includes these too, and also antibodies.

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