Where can I get T3 fairly speedily

HI All

I am taking Cytomel (from Mexico) but heave just heard from the pharmacy that due to extra postal checks (terrorist safety procedures) it will take a long time to get here.

I have a private prescription from my Endo, but cant take the Mercury stuff as I have an allergic reaction to the fillers they use.

Please could someone tell me what i can get (script or purchase) some T3?



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Mine arrived really quickly regardless of those warnings.

thank you Numberone1. thats reassuring, I was panicking which I seem to do all the time now...must be too little T3

Best wishes


If giving info of where to get T3 please reply by message - thanks! :)

Hi, when I ordered mine it took less than two weeks to arrive. I placed my order about 10 days into the increased security. :-)

Where can I buy T3, I've asked and asked my doctor to put me on it. But its fallen on deaf ears. Can anyone please help me, I need to get well again.

I cant remember where I got mine, but I think Helvella may have been able to suggest somewhere. Im sorry not to give more info but as I was unable to tolerate it, I havent bought any since. Try and PM Helvella (I assume he/she is still on here)

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