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Where can I Purchase T3?

Hello everybody,

I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could purchase T3 from, Ideally in the form of Tertroxin not Cynomel or Cytomel, this is because of the strengh of it, I have Cynomel in 25mg tablets but that is far to strong for me, the tablets are tiny and even cutting them into four is still to much, So having the Tertroxin in 5 or 10 would be much better for me.

Thank you

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Hello Louise,

I have been told by my private Doctor I need T3 to get well, just because my GP only believes in T4 doesn't necessarily make him right. All I am trying to do is get better but everywhere you turn their seems to be block on it, the whole situation is unexceptable.


Your private dr should be able to give you a private prescription for what you need. If you ask him/her for a specific brand them they should be able to accommodate it. Cytomel also comes in 5mcg tabs btw

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Hello Susymac,

My private Dr is retired and can not prescribe it anymore, he told me where to buy but I can only find it anywhere in 25mg tablets and they are far to strong.

As far as I know T3 only comes in 20mg in the Uk and 25mg abroad. You would have to halve or quarter although some may crumble.

Hello Shaws,

I have cut my tablet into quarters but that is still too much, the tablets I have are really small so quarter really is as small as I can cut it up to, even the 20mg would be helpful but from what I have found more recently is that they are really quite expensive where as the 25mg are cheap.

I wonder if you crush one and take a tiny bit at a time, if that would work for you. I have found that some thyroid meds can be taken sublingually:-

This is excellent, thank you very much. I will try that tomorrow.

Kind regards

Hi I believe you can get a pill cutter quite cheaply on Ebay, hope this helps.

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4mcg per hour is the physiological dose, so actually the 25mcg tabs should be cut into 6ths. Just buy a pill cutter at a pharmacy, it's very easy.

Would T3 by private prescription not be expensive?


Hi Louise, I know exactly where you are coming from I suffered with an over active thyroid but had to have radioactive iodine to kill mine off, so because of this I went from over active to under active and put 3 stone on in weight because of it. I have been on T4 100 mg per day for the past 8 to 10 years. I have a friend who purchased T3 from the internet, since taking T3 she has lost 5 stones in weight and feels far healthier. I know that UK doctors won't prescribe T3 because of the expense nothing more. So although I have asked my doctor for help they just wasn't interested as they say it is not confirmed that T3 helps, but surprise surprise our American friends they get it prescribed and say they have a better quality of life!!! whose right and whose wrong I know who I am backing.


Hi Gwen, Meurig here from North Wales. My prescribed T4 Levothoroxine is doing nothing to and has been that way since I was prescribed it 3 years ago. I'm desperate to try T3. Do you know which brand your friend had but more importantly where did she get it from so I can also try. Thanks Diolch

Can you tell me where your friend gets her t3 from, I am desperate.

My story is very much the same as yours although mine is up and down like a yo yo. My doctor has suggested that I try t3 after 8 years of hell but they won't prescribe it.

All the legal u.k pharmacies that do online consultation only sale levothyroxine I dont' think they are allowed to sale T3 or maybe they just dont stock it for various other reasons. You can buy generic synthroid (levothyroxine) here without a prescription

hope this helps

Can your private doctor give you a private prescription? You can then go to any pharmacy, although beware, it is very expensive.

Hello Hennerton,

My private Dr is retires and can not prescribe anymore. Where I get it from at the minute it is very cheap in comparison to other sites, but I can only find 25mg.

Goldshield withdrew the branded Tertroxin product several years ago and supply what they insist is the self-same product but as a generic (i.e.unbranded) Liothyronine product. When Goldshield renamed themselves Mercury Pharma, their products eventually got that name instead of Goldshield.

UK Tertroxin or generic Liothyronine has never (in my experience) been available in anything but 20 microgram tablets.

A few companies have made, or do make, smaller dosages - among them Pfizer/King as Cytomel 5 microgram (but you don't seem to want that) and Paddock 5 microgram - both in the USA. Both not normally available in the UK (but can be imported at great expense through medicine importers).

If you are looking on the Internet - be very careful. Aside from any other issues, if you see a brand-name you recognise, it might not actually be what you think it is. Not all brand-names are protected in all countries. So a product called, for example, Tertroxin, could be, and probably will be, completely different to UK Liothyronine.



Thank you very much for the information, I had seen the westshield product advertised but wasn't sure if it was.

I am happy to take Cytomel but I can't find that lower than 20 mircograms.

I have only made purchcases from pharmaceutical companies & do try to be careful searching.

Best Wishes

I am having the same problem as the other contributors, but I do now have a private prescription after my 24 hour urine test showed my T3 level to be 292 with a reference range of 800-2,500. Hooray at last perhaps I would now start to feel better. I have been stunned though to find that 100 tablets of 20 micrograms of Triiodothyronine (T3) as Liothyronine would cost me £800 plus £51 handling. I am shattered, I am due to retire soon and there is no way I can afford such a payment... on a regular basis.

You can't buy meds without prescription from online pharmacies in Canada. There are some spammers from there advertising that they sell Viagra without prescription but who know are they in Canada at all.

Your pharmacist should automatically cut your meds if you ask. There is a T3 action group on a popular social network site, which is starting a campaign to raise awareness about the value of T3 to UK patients. Legacy prescriptions are being honoured for the time being but newcomers aren't. T4 is awful by itself and because the money grabbing mercury pharma is the only one to supply THE NHS,it's bleeding the system dry. And we're footing the bill with a reduced quality of life and possibly a reduced life span too. T3 is essential to most T4 users and this is something every thyroid patient needs access to. But if you're buying it, get the pharmacy involved so that your dose is correct - your doctor might be able to write to them to set up a system incase the pharmacist is reluctant. Good luck.

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Thank you very much Missymc, most appreciated.

I did end up getting T3 on prescription but sadly couldn't tolerate it, so now on liquid T4, not having much luck with any of it really.

Best wishes

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