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Liothyronine, dose and weight loss

Evening, would love to hear from anyone on the same T3 as myself? I've been taking it for four weeks, but as yet not seen any benefits, primarily weight loss, less brain fog etc. Thanks.

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It would help if you told us what liothyronine (T3) you are taking. :-) And how much.


I only know my meds as Liothyronine. 2.5mcg three times a day.


Do you split your tablets somehow?

The standard UK prescription liothyronine is dispensed in 20 microgram tablets. So to get a dose of 2.5 micrograms you would have to divide it into eight. That would be quite some achievement!

Or are you getting 5 microgram tablets (from the USA) and splitting them in two?


I'm getting 5mcg and splitting them.


Right - so they will be from Sigmapharm, Perrigo, Pfizer (Cytomel) or Mylan.

Do they have any markings on them? Like ML 11, 5 220, ∑ 18 or KPI 115.


Yes, 5 220. I think they are Cytomel. Can you comment on the dose, or would you need my T3 blood results too?


They are Perrigo (formerly Paddock) - as listed here:

You are entitled to a Patient Information Leaflet (or whatever the USA equivalent is called) with each pack. It is disgraceful for pharmacists to dispense medicines without giving you that. Especially when you have clearly been misled into believing it is something that it is not.

Now we know what you are taking, others who are also taking Perrigo can sensibly reply (I hope!)

Some more information certainly would help.

Remember that liothyronine (T3) is NOT a weight loss medicine. Any weight loss from achieving better thyroid hormone status is likely to be slow and you really cannot expect significant changes of weight in four weeks.

7.5 micrograms a day is a low dose. Splitting the UK standard 20 microgram tablet in two would give 10 micrograms. I am aware that there is an argument that very low doses can be appropriate but if your case is clear enough to get it prescribed in the UK, I suspect you will need a higher dose.


Do you have any recent thyroid results with ranges you could share ? Are you also taking T4 ? Do you have gut issues affecting absorption of nutrients ? Taking any other medication ?

Sorry about all the questions but all are relevant to weight gain and brain fog 😊

B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD also need testing.

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Do you only take T3? No other medications?

Do you have Hashimoto's- high thyroid antibodies. If not had antibodies tested, get them done.


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