Weight loss and hypothyroidism

Hi all, just wanted to update anyone feeling lost, I posted a 16 months ago when I was worried I had took 12 weeks off work and thought I'd never get better, I can say now after a long journey and 200mg Levo I almost feel normal. I've just lost a stone following a low GI diet and gluten free and would recommend it to anyone who wants there energy back. Just wanted to give some good news, the journey is long but there is light, good luck anyone having a hard time x

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  • It great that you've improved and are now up to 200mcg of levo and have also been able to lose weight.

    It will encourage those who are at the beginning of their journey.

  • thank u both for this hope... Iev just recently been diagnosed but from symptoms that have been put down to numerous conditions , I suspect iev been hypo for years! My constant battle trying to lose weight is heartbreaking. So thanks for giving back my hope. XXX

  • Hi speckles70

    Dont give up hope i struggled with weight gain for a long time when i was diagnosed Hypo, mainly all round my middle, this year i joined a local slimming club and lost just over half a stone my muffin top has basically gone.

    Dotti x

  • Great news. Very happy for you! I, too, am now on 200mcg levo daily and since the end of June 2016 have lost 3st 2lb. Mostly by low carbing but I do have wee indulgences at times. I count calories too - keep them around 1400 daily (I am 5' 4" - a tall person would probably need at least 1600). My hope is to repair my metabolism as I lose weight. I do stall at times - I think we all do - but later I get a wee 'whoosh' of several more pounds gone. Eat for health and strength and take your supplements as advised all over this forum, and in the high doses suggested LOL.

    Don't despair. Adjusting to levothyroxine can take time and this is true in my case. I feel much better than I did before treatment. Not 100% because it can take a year or longer to get the full benefit. I felt so terrible before, morbidly obese and utterly weary and depressed. No drive, no energy, no fizz. Permanent lethargy, constant aches and pains. Sound familiar? LOL.

    Getting the dosage 'right' is the biggest hurdle in the early days xx

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