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Weight loss and Hyperthyroid

Hi Folks

Have lost over half a stone and i am Hypothyroid have been for years, i have now reached my target weight, but am still loosing weight even though i am not dieting anymore.

Is it possible that weight loss can make you go the opposite and become Hyper i feel as though i cant relax and am constantly on the go.

Any thoughts



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It is possible that losing weight may mean you are over medicated on your current dose. If you feel over medicated you could reduce dose by 12.5mcg to 25mcg to see whether symptoms improve. If unwanted weight loss continues more than 3 or 4 weeks do go to see your GP.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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Thanks Clutter

If the weight loss continues i will make appointment to see doc



I was just going to say that!

But yes if you are over medicated you will feel hyper and still lose weight.....

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Sorry you are feeling hyper but I would just like to say I am green with envy!


Its taken me years to get the weight off so i am very,very pleased just dont want to loose anymore. Thanks for all your replies



Hi Dotti, sorry you're not feeling well but I am really intrigued by how you managed to lose weight as I am at my wits end. I will literally do ANYTHING - I have the willpower - just don't know WHAT to do. Or rather, nothing I have tried lately has worked.

The last time I lost weight was 8 years ago and it has slowly crept back up despite me going gluten free, giving up alcohol and sugar plus dieting generally. I know the thyroid hormones have to be right first but I feel good in myself and the weight is still stuck but it's early days as only been on thyroid meds for three months.

Do you mind me asking what medication you are taking and what diet worked for you. I really hope you sort out the weight loss and start to feel better. Thanks


Hi Bluemaxx

I am taking Wockhardt thyroxine 75mcgs have been Hypo for about 15 yrs, i was always very tiny size 8, but when i became hypo my size increased to a size 12 and then to a size 14 which is a lot for me as i am 5ft 3inches.

Most of my weight gain was round my middle and my thighs, in desperation just over 2 months ago i joined a slimming club, and boy did that sort me out.

I lost just over half a stone and my belly fat has reduced a lot i did weigh 10 stone and now weigh 8st 13pound, and my dress size is a 10.

I was loosing about 1-2 pound a week, cut out bread,pasta ,sugery stuff, i was a devil for snacking on all the bad things. i also go to a weight training class and go to aquaerobics every week.

The slimming club is great you are allowed 15 syns a day so if you do fancy some chocolate you can, i get curly whirlys put them in the freezer they last longer and are 6 syns.

Only thing is i have reached my target and the weight is still coming off and i feel very hyper, but on the plus side its so good to fit in my clothes again, i still have a tipple at the weekend red wine.

They are a couple of people in my slimming group who are hypo and they are seeing weight loss, so its worth a try, i hope you find something that works for you

Best wishes


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