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Blood in urine and tonsillitis


3 weeks ago I ended up with a visit to primary care as I started weeing blood, less than 2 hours after it started my urine sample looked like it came straight from the vein! Out of hours Doctor sent it off, a week later saw my GP and there was no bacteria but when I showed him the a picture of the sample his jaw dropped and has referred me to have my kidneys and bladder scanned (appointment next week)

However, the day after my thyroid was very sore and swollen and my throat was very inflamed and I've started coughing up gunk again.

Last week I had a very rough night where I was freezing cold, ended up with winter and summer duvet on my bed, severe stabbing pain on my back, right hand side below ribs and very painful knee joints, which I took Codeine for. Since then my throat has become worse and I'm now losing my voice...

This is on top of other issues, fatigue etc.

Bloods taken at the end of June showed

TSH 2.257 (0.34-5.60)

free T4 10.2 (8-18)

As these are 'within normal range' my GP won't run further tests

Serum B12 165 (>140) - i was supplementing so up from 147 2 weeks prior

Serum folate 5.4 ug/L (>4)

Serum ferritin 41 ug/L (11-200)

Serum Potassium 3.8 mmol/L (3.5-5.3) [was 3.4 in may]

Serum creatine 73 umol/L (45-84) [was 86 in may]

Is there a link between the kidneys and tonsillitis and Hashimoto's? My Gp won't run further Thyroid tests, even with family history, and I'm thinking about getting them done privately as I'm starting to get very worried/scared now.

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Some precautions here for codeine and hypothyroidism



Mayo Clinc info on Bacterial causes of tonsillitis. NHS Choices also has info.



What treatment where you given for tonsillitis?

Btw a study has found that 20% of women who have their urine tested for bacteria for cystitis get negative results - in other words the urine test for bacteria is inadequate. theguardian.com/science/201...

Make sure you mention the link between tonsillitis and kidney problems to any doctor who is treating you.


There is a condition called post streptococcal glomerulonephritis which can cause blood in urine. You may need antiobiotics from the doctors.

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Thank you for the replies. Out of hour doctor gave me a course of antibiotics straight away and treated as kidney infection due to the amount of blood and me yelping when she pressed on my kidney!



It's a sign with a high creatine level you had liver issues. Blimey some gps really are numpties.

At least it's now in range - but I'd definitely keep an eye on things and monitor iron and b12 levels.

Best wishes.


I've just found out I have Hashimoto's through getting private blood tests. I've had all the symptoms for years and my B12, vit D and Ferritin levels keep dropping. I just wanted to say I also lose blood in my urine but mines microscopic haematuria I've had it for 5 years my bladder is ok I've had 2 cystoscopy's, they say its possibly IgA nephropathy but I don't have kidney disease or high blood pressure. Hopefully you have a kidney infection I suffered with loads of different infections including throat infections when my B12 was low, yours is very low. if the bleeding happens more often also google interstitial cystitis.

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You’re not crazy. I read one lab about the increase of blood and other particles in urine after tonsil stimulation. There is not a lot of info about it and we’re just now starting to look into the tonsils being connected to everything. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and the only reason I’m mentioning that is because we have that in common. I wouldn’t have thought that to be a factor. Anyway, 24 yr old female A.A. One day I spent an excessive amount of time squeezing my tinsils for stones and my very next pee... after I woke in the morning looked like it was straight blood. No pain, no odd smell, and the next one was fine.

Other things about me: amenorrhea, uterus 1/3 of normal size, undiagnosed rectocele, undiagnosed hemorrhoid and anal fissure.


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