An important article by Dr Henry Lindner

A copy of an MS Dr Lindner is trying to get published has come into my possession. Dr Lindner is a powerful US advocate of applying common sense to thyroid diagnosis and promotes the logic for the use of T4/T3 or T3 alone in treatment. I've sent a copy of this extremely long document to Louise Roberts at TUK and I hope it will then be available on request to interested members of the TUK forum.

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But it seems that the NHS et al do not wish to acknowledge US medical papers. We are all going round in circles bashing our heads against brick walls.

Lindner uses worldwide examples of papers - he's not US-fixed at all.

No matter how good the research and medical education is in places outside of the UK, it will be ignored by the medical profession and the NHS here.

I agree: but whether the NHS will change its tune when the ears of the donkey start growing, who knows.

Just for members' info: the old saying, "when the north wind blows, the donkey's ears will grow."

North wind = Research, Donkey = guess who.

With all due respect, everyone (here) is going round in circles, doing a lot of talking and not a lot of doing

Well I don't know about that. I'm an advisor putting the science down as it emerges and the members of the forum are both practically helping those in trouble as well as being continually irritating markers for the medical establishment to deal with. Short of starting a revolution I can't think what more can be done until opinion changes as it must.

When will "the ears of the donkey start growing" ? Whatever that means. I take my hat off all the folk on HU helping others as their problems come to light. Also I take my hat off to the girls doing the ITT Campaign, they are getting off their backsides doing something. However I am concerned that they will get their petition to Parliament, idiotic MPs will debate it, unable to get their brains around TSH, T3, T4 etc, most of them will be on the boards of pharmaceutical companies, afraid of upsetting Jeremy Hunt et al; they are not unbiased. How about starting a Go Fund Me page, contact celebs and wealthy folk who perhaps have an interest in health/thyroid. Get in at least £half million. Then get a QC to do a class action. I truly feel now that this matter has to go before an unbiased judge of some sort, preferably The Court of Human Rights. I know my Human Rights have been abused very badly following my tortuous journey to good health via T3 only over a 35 year period. Now it's in jeopardy due to total ignorance.

Why don't you suggest that to the ITT campagne girls, and offer to lend a hand? :)

Sent message to ITT for them to obtain from Louise Roberts and signed some time ago.

That's good. :) But my response was actually to marigold22. Sorry.

For the reasons I stated above. I've spent hundreds of hours writing letters, emails, to CCGs, MPs, Jeremy Hunt, NHS etc etc and all reply with "T4 is best". As I said, going round in circles. Something big has to hit this massive problem on the head once & for all

Yes, but you have some good ideas, there, about the QC, the class action and the gofundme page. But you can't go it alone, it has to be a joint action.

You took the words out of my mouth!

(re the "why don't you do it" post)


Why don't you start a Go Fund Me page, raise £1/2 million and employ a QC to start a class action?

Because I doubt I could do it alone, nobody so far has thought it a good idea, and ITT campaign is about a parliamentary debate.


ITT Campaign is about getting better diagnostics and care of thyroid patients and preventing withdrawal of Liothyronine. The petition is one aspect of that. They have started a Go Fund Me page.

Thank you Clutter ;)

We have started a go fund me page. Have been contacting journalists. Trying to get a celebrity on board as then a media angle.

Also human right and anyone and everyone we can think of.

We are also trying to get Drs/scientists on board for more trials.

There's only a handful of us so we are struggling with the amount there is to do.

Why don't you come on board marigold22

Have you been on the ITT site??

Don't go on public make a request and join the campaign page. Alternatively I can send you an email if you want to be an activist 😀

Thanks Katepots, you are doing the right thing. Surely there is a celebrity out there that has a thyroid problem (well, there's Oprah in the US). If any celeb. is reading this, please help us publicize this T3 scandal. Perhaps you yourself are having problems which you do not understand yet, please celeb., if you are reading this help us blast this scandal into the headlines. Hillary, I'm talking to you too!

Ooo any chance you could send me a copy?? Really will help at the NHS consultation meeting in London on the 5th.

Will PM you my email. Hope that's ok.

Anything else you may have for evidence for T3?



To get a copy of the document that diogenes mentions, you have to email (NOT PM) Louise Roberts and ask her to email you a copy.

Louise's email address is :

For diogenes and anyone else reading, I wanted to say I've got as far as page 21 and I love it so far. Only another 80 pages to go...

Thanks 😂

Thank you Diogenes and I do hope people with open minds (Professionals) take note and learn how to make patients well again.

I sent a copy of this onto my endo - I see him privately but he works in the NHS. His reply was interesting:

Thank you for your email. I find myself in agreement with most of what is written in this document! This is a common discussion in endocrine meetings where there is often a debate between the clinical-based endocrinologists and the number-based endocrinologists. I fear that it will always be so!

They aren't all dinosaurs thank goodness. There is a kernel of sensible medics who I hope will prevail eventually.

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