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Ancestral Health Symposium

The Ancestral Health Symposium has posted many of their videos from the 2014 session. There are many great presenters like Dr. Kelly Brogan, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, Dr. Paul Jaminet and Nora Gedgaudas.



Now if we just had the time to watch them all. PR

Can't seem to get the link to go active, afraid you will have to copy and paste, sorry about that.

[Edited by helvella to add a shortened, clickable link]

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PR4Now, I edited your post to see whether HU have applied one their dodgy tags which sometimes stops links being clickable but it wasn't that :(


I think that link didn't work because it is https:// (rather than http://) - but that is itself odd as the whole of HU uses that as well. So ends up being an unexplained link failure.


[The fact that in this response the https doesn't go blue but the http does even though it is not a valid link suggests I might be right-ish. This was an issue years ago...]


Thanks Rod, appreciate the help, one of these days I'll have to get familiar with the short URL process. PR


I am 100% sure that you could do it in seconds! :-)

Go here and paste the URL into the box. Hit button.



Thanks for checking it for me Clutter. I tried half a dozen times and couldn't get results. PR


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