BBC Trust me I'm a Doctor

BBC Trust me I'm a Doctor

Thank you Dr Michael Mosely... that was refreshing if a tad brief...

Took a few snapshots...

- Where is he researching - Right Here!

- T3 - Exists as an alternative for those unable to convert T4 to T3 (now expensive)_

- Animal products NDT - is there too, although "unlicensed" (YAY at last!)

- And who's looking at the TUK "Getting a diagnosis" page? (clue - eyebrows)

So... Get TSH AND T4 tested

GPs interpretation of tests are "too ridged" (Dr Toft - The Queen's physician btw)

More debate needed .... you bet

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  • And thank you Jo Parker ;)

    Why the capsules instead of tablets though?

  • Judging by the graphics I've seen the program use over the last few weeks they use empty capsules by the thousand. You can buy them in pretty colours too.

    I could buy 200 for less than a fiver if I needed to :

  • Yes I know, but they could at least have shown the blister pack for the levo!

  • Yes, agreed. :)

  • I definitely spotted a slow pan across a packet of Levo 100mcg!

  • Oddities:

    Is Tiromel in capsules as in the picture?

    Is it appropriate to talk about desiccated thyroid as a cheaper alternative to liothyronine? (Horses for courses - right medicine for the patient, surely?)

    Why didn't he get a thyroid profile done?

    Laboured point about metabolism viewed purely as "how fast/how hot" and utterly ignored things like gene transcription which might be more important in some ways.

  • Also failed to acknowledge that desiccated thyroid was the only treatment for around half the time since Murray's original sheep thyroid injection paper/talk.

    Evidence to change everyone to levothyroxine monotherapy could be argued to be lacking.

  • I sometimes wonder if some enzyme reactions need body temperature to be very close to normal to work properly. Considering that some people say they have temperatures barely above hypothermia, I'm sure it is a very relevant factor.

    I've also read posts that say it's quite common for doctors to dismiss body temperature as irrelevant, and some seem to believe the patient is lying.

  • I certainly agree with that.

  • I had two blisters on my feet from my hot water bottle through socks and a bottle fleece cover!

  • I don't care & have no spare time for anomalies & split-ends ...

    BBC verification is good enough for me - if only for 5 minutes - don't you realise how far we have come on this journey? x

  • I agree Spareribs, This is the furthest we have ever got in a TV programme and the furthest Dr Toft has ever spoken on camera.

  • I know you can do fireworks emojis, I've seen it.... drat it!

    I'm not here enough Lyn, I'm sorry for that - but by standing a bit back, you realise things are changing - it's obvious - and that's thanks to you sweetie (& Lou & all the volunteers) xxx :D

  • Thanks! It's difficult sometimes to see the subtle changes. I think that once a respected programme like this starts to look into it, others will too. I'm hoping researchers will have seen the programme or know some of the docs and think about more research. 😄 xx

  • Well - it's out there, I've no idea how much Dr Mosely is respected by his peers, but personally I like his style, always questioning.... & the tapeworm - respect...

    If GPs had time to watch TV maybe... (or catch-up like me) nevertheless it means that our members can have the gall to ASK .... "Oh Did you see that "Trust me I'm a doctor" programme about Thyroid? ....

    It's all about the start, of a conversation ..... the ending is up to you! x

  • How many rungs of the ladder to go now then?

  • lots, probably & many trolls along the way.... how's yourhead for heights? RA Mine is awful now :) but i'll have a go...

  • You took the words out of my mouth spare ribs. After all it was an item within a programme and I for one was thrilled to hear it being told in a clear and concise manner and basically what I have had to find out myself with the help of this brilliant website.

  • T3 pennies to produce but £300.00 for a two months supply pfft.

  • We are making progress. I saw an NHS Endo two weeks ago who is writing to my GP to tell them to prescribe my NDT as a named patient! He even said "why did they send you to me they could have done this themselves"!

  • StickyBloodMentor I saw an Endo last month who, instead of just upping the Levothyroxine, was happy to prescribe Erfa Thyroid! (Only when I was cheeky enough to bring it into the conversation though - but still!)

    Good luck with getting the GP to prescribe it - I think mine would have a fit of the vapours if I asked him for it!

  • Fantastic to hear them talking about (a) overcooked levels before treatment started (b) the fact that some cannot convert T4 to T3 and (c) the dreadful price gouging of liothyronine by a pharm company........Dr Toft said it.."pennies to make"!

  • Oh dear, I fell asleep during the programme and missed it., I'll have to watch on catch up.

  • see the bbc iplayer link above - it's about 20 minutes in & don't blink! :D

  • Me and my sis too!

  • Did I miss any reference to the topic at the start of the programme! I suppose it was much better than nothing when it arrived but too little too fast.

  • It's great news, not one but two respected doctors discussing t4/t3 and on the BBC too not some obscure channel! I know it was brief but hopefully this is the start of real change :-)

  • I noted that they mentioned that T3 was expensive in UK in spite of it being produced for pennies by the manufacturer but the didn't mention that you can buy it in Europe very cheaply. No one ever says why dies the NHS always have to pay through the nose for everything. However it was good that the subject of poor treatment and suffering of patients with thyroidism was raised again.

  • Can you recommend a reputable brand and somewhere to buy it online?

  • I will pm you if I can remember how to do it!

  • Im actually wondering if the high cost of T3 will mean a softening towards prescribing NDT. After all they have to give us something if there is a medical need.

  • That's what I have been wondering, StickyBloodMentor.

  • Where did the 10% figure of people who don't well on levo come from? I think the usual proportion quoted is 20%, though I would query the accuracy even of that figure.

  • I can't watch this as I'm not in the UK, but there was also a story on the BBC website that also appeared in their Facebook news feed.

    It was getting lots of reaction last time I looked and the Thyroid UK website address as well as this forum were suggested to a number of people who were wanting to know more by both me and others.

  • yes over 1k comments and 3200+ shares

  • Looking at that image, it looks like Numberone1 may have made it onto the telly. :-)

  • Wow, Im famous!

  • Do you think the CCG and my GP saw it?

  • send them the screen-shot! :D

  • I take my hat off to Michael Moseley for bringing the whole T3 situation to public attention.

    Next I'd really like him to make thyroid patients aware that giving up gluten can reduce their antibodies, it's shocking they're not being given this information by the NHS.

  • They are asking people to comment via Facebook.

    Add you voice to the cause for those who haven't commented!

  • The BBC should provide their own comment facility - I am not going to join Facebook just to read/view/comment on this, or any other, story.

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