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A compendium of reassurance

Only time to scan quickly through this page - perhaps the other pages unlock the universe ?

Doubtless every rich American consults Henry Lindner, MD.

Mentioned on Dr Malcolm's post treating thyroid patients like children.

Succinct and a timely reminder of the wisdom of our admin team, many of whom promote similar ideas...for free !

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Thanks for posting, Rapunzel. Sorry there were no replies.


Rapunzel, I just looked up Dr. Lindner at  this link you gave.  WOW!  I want to go to him!  And he's within driving distance of my house.  But sadly, his web page says he cannot accept any new patients.  I'll keep checking though.  Thanks for posting his website.


e mail teena...what does it cost ? Good luck x


Sorry, I don't know what he charges because he is not taking any new patients.


Some of this looks very interesting, but..doesn't the approach of replacing hormones risk being just as reactionary as matching a drug to a symptom? 

What are some underlying causes of hormone deficiencies and could they be addressed without simply adding hormones? I'm just reading through his site now but I have not yet seen this mentioned.


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