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Taking T3 in one dose at night. I can't seem to adhere to taking it away from coffee - Experiences?

Thanks to feedback received right here - I realize I am a "noncompliant" patient - and wonder if this is the reason I feel my T3 isn't working anymore (I'm on 125mg daily now - T3 only). I feel tired - and have gained about 6 lbs in 2 weeks. I have ALWAYS taken my cytomel in 3 doses: with 1) morning coffee, 2) with Lunch and then 3) in the afternoon. I realize taking it with coffee was stupid but it's what I've always done and seemed to work well for 6 months - not so much for last 2 months.

I know some of you have taken it all in one dose in the evening, with success. I'm a bit afraid to do so as my dose is so high, but I know i won't wait an hour for coffee (I get up at 4:30am, and need it to function for work).

So, I am wondering - Has anyone a) taken such a large dose at night all in one go? and b) did it help? and/or c) are there any others here who realized they should take their meds away from coffee and then seen improvement? (I'm willing to try forgoing coffee if it really will make a difference)....

I did a "reaction test" (not going to name it because I got kicked off an American message board for naming it, as though I was trying to market it - Hardly!) - it tests reflexes - very well respected test, and the result is that I am STILL hypo (slow) even though my Free t3 is high end of range (even right outside it) and T4 is below range (since I'm not taking any and TSH is 0.0014 (unsurprisingly).

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You won't be absorbing a great part of the 125mcg T3 if you are taking it with coffee and lunch. There's no need to forgo morning coffee, take your first dose of T3 two hours later. The second dose should be taken one hour before lunch or two hours after lunch.

I certainly wouldn't switch from 3 x 40mcg doses to taking 125mcg in one dose.

If you want to name the reaction test feel free but if your FT3 is high end of range your are NOT undermedicated.


Have you tested RT3? High RT3 can make you feel hypothyroid no matter where other thyroid levels are. My FT3 has always been over range even before I started medicating with Cytomel. Dr Peatfield said I was pooling (not getting it to the cell)! I have recently dropped my dose as feel sure I've cleared RT3 but since the drop Ive started to feel hypo again. I would advise not to take all in once dose. It's a lot to tolerate and 4 smaller doses 4-5 hours apart often works better. If I were you I'd check adrenal function to cancel out any problems there.


Holy crap. Lest anyone doubt one should take it away from coffee... I've been taking it at 2-3a when I wake up to pee, have coffee at 5a and second dose at 7a and third at 12p with lunch. I'm sweating like I'm running. I'm so hot!!! And hungry 😅 Perhaps I can lower the dose not raise it after all 🤗


I'm taking a similar dose of T3, but all in one go when I wake. I try to take it earlier, if I remember, when I wake in the night. By the way, I hope you're actually taking 125 mcg and not 125 mg. :-) The dose you stated in your post would fell a herd of elephants! :-D

I got up to this dose (I've been higher) very slowly indeed from several years spent stuck at 50 -60 mcg, where I really didn't get much relief from hypo symptoms. Two different doctors (non-NHS) both suggested at around the same time that a) I needed a higher dose; and b) that I might well be one of those patients with some degree of peripheral resistance to TH. Slow, careful titration is essential in these circumstances.

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Hillwoman thank you so much. I made a mistake and increased by 50 mcg (yes mcg!!) a day from 150 to 300 and I felt fine but was horribly itchy. I felt better, but the itching scared me. Do you ever test your free T3? Is it high? Mine is. May I ask what dose you take? How will I ever know if I’m on enough... is it just how I feel? Sorry for all these questions... my doctors don’t agree.


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