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NHS GP in the Stockport area with an interest in Thyroids?

Having moved a couple of miles from my previous address, but have been told by my GP practice that I am now out of their catchment area. Does anyone know of a Thyroid friendly doctor in the Cheadle or Stockport area? You should probably PM me rather than post a reply, to comply with the rules.

I am gutted as I had finally found a nice doctor. Maybe, someone on here could advise me if it's possible to appeal against being forced to find another surgery? Any suggestions on what information may help my case?

Thanks in anticipation!

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Contact your local Healthwatch and ask them about it. If they don't know they should be able to find out or point you in the right direction.


I've tried them and they were no help whatsoever! I tried Stockport CCG also and they weren't any help either 😬 I've googled till I can't think of anything else to Google! And tried Thyroid UK so now I'm going to ring round the local Surgeries in the vague hope someone may recommend a GP


To send Baggiebod a private message:



I thought that patients outside of the GP practice's catchment area could still register as long as they accepted that the practice was not under obligation to make home visits outside of the catchment area.


It is at the discretion of the Surgery, and unfortunately Springfield Surgery has a policy of only taking patients who live within their catchment area. I am really anxious that I will have problems when I go to another GP, but it appears that I have no choice.


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