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Can anyone recommend an endocrinologist that is sympathetic in Bristol area UK

My doctor recommended an endocrinologist consultant in Cardiff, but, basically because my results are 'normal'he wouldn't or couldn't do anything for me except suggest antidepressants! I'm so angry & frustrated. If anyone could kindly suggest another consultant who could offer other medications for me to try near the Bristol area UK , I would be very grateful.

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Sorry to hear about your experiences- that response sadly is too common.

Please could you post your 'normal' results then we can help you more and see what he or she actually tested for or not.

I suspect it's probably just a tsh test and given how you were treated guessing it's unlikely they'd do the full range of thyroid tests plus folate ferritin b12 and vit d. If that's the case and there is no other ( nicer) gp you can talk to them personally speaking I'd pay to have ( through blue horizon) the thyroid plus 10 tests done. Your gp won't know but you'll only have to do a finger prick test and in 5 days have all the info you need.( cost circa £99)

You will be in such a better position- if there are any issues you have options. Back to the gp. Referral to endo or self medicate.

If your test was just a tsh test ( it's actually a pituitary gland test and unless it's above 10 )you won't get a referral or meds.

Also surgeries are paid to give out anti depressants so hardly impartial. Plus they mess up your adrenals and thyroid and tests too. Despite what's said they are addictive.

Sorry- my advice is post your results- you can collect them from the surgery then if nothing jumps out as being an issue get your own done then re post- there may be lots of areas to help improve your health.

Good luck.

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Hi, I posted all my results about 3 weeks ago and grey goose gave me some sound advice . The heading was what questions to ask an endocrinologist on a first appointment.

I showed the consultant my results but when I said what grey goose said to ask , he said that I would not like T3. He didn't explain any further and didn't offer any other med since my results were all "normal" he obviously didn't believe I still have all my symptoms & that I feel no different despite taking levothyroxine .

I am in a very similar situation. Had "normal" results TSH and T4 only plus a huge goitre that was removed in January.

Latest results in June were TSH: 1,49 (0.3 - 4,5) and T4: 11,7 (12-22). I can accept the fact that TSH is relatively low however I do not feel well and not getting anywhere

Endo says and I quote "You don't need anything I had the same surgery and surviving just fine without medication. I did your T3 a couple of months ago and it was fine..." T3 must have been at least in October last year. Needless to say I didn't even bother to respond to her.

Endos bloods were taken in April at around 3 in the afternoon.

Got a letter cc'd to my GP saying FT4 12,2 and TSH 2.96, rest of bloods were normal. And need routine 6 monthly bloods.

Ordered my Bluehorizon testkit and just taken the sample and on my way to get it posted. If I am hypochondriac then at least the results will show it.

All I can say is good luck Sianbarn. Looks like we are joined the rest of the "untreated..."

Hi Fred,

I have seen Debbie Lewis , nutritional in functiona

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Hi Fred,

I have seen a nutritionist in functional medicine, who has helped & advised me to get all private tests & ive just emailed her , she is going to put me in touch with a private GP who will prescribe T4/ T3 . I don't fancy going down the self medicating route.

Good luck to you , keep well 😃

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I'm in the process of doing exactly the same. Just had a call from the PA of a Doctor B of the Spire Hospital Bristol.

I explained I'm in the process of going over from Thyroxin to NDT but before I make an appointment is the Doctor open to other forms of medication besides synthetic. If she is great, if not I'm not wasting her time or mine by going.

He did say she had prescribed other medication in the past besides thryo, but would speak to her this afternoon and get back to me..

Not sure if any others have had experience with the Spire. I had my thyroid removed there, the experience was very good. But the surgeon who did the op did say he didn't believe in NDT because he didn't believe the doseages could be consistant.

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She and the others from Spire and BRI do not believe in anything other than Levo, she wanted my husband to stop T3 because there was no evidence it worked !


Email enquiries@thyroiduk.org for a list of member recommended endos.

If members can recommend anyone to Sianbarn please reply via private messages.

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