need a good GP/endo in surrey/south London area

would anyonw know of a good GP? I live in the Sutton area (south London) and my GP is useless. I have significant adrenal fatigue and still loads of hypo symptoms. I take thyroxine/t3 and 1.5ml HC cream daily but I know that I need more help on this. anyone know anyone?

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  • I've heard there's an excellent thyroid person in surrey. Just waiting for my friend to get back to me in it. I'll let you know when I find out. I'm in same situation but in Brighton.

  • Could you let me know too please.. Thanks...



  • Please let me know too if you do come up with the person. Ive been looking for years in that area and cant find anyone! :-(

  • Drop me an email.. :) xx

  • Drop me an email for the Endo list - there may be someone in your area... :)



  • Dr Peatfield consults in Crawley!

  • I have a very understanding GP in Sutton and the Endo I saw seems quite good. Will PM you and Louise I will email!

  • hi jlo211 may I ask who your GP is? and endo?

  • can you tell me what HC cream is and what its used for please

  • Hydrocortisone cream is usually used for insect bites etc very occasionally. humans produce cortisol everyday from the adrenals its essential for life which is why we feel exhaustedly spaced out when we have adrenal fatigue (adrenals are so exhausted and cant keep up with the demands of producing sufficient cortisol) usually this happens if we didn't have enough T3 in our systems over an extended period and the adrenals took up the slack until they simply couldn't anymore. HC cream is an option to let your adrenals 'rest' providing cortisol from the outside.a physiological amount i.e. up to 20mg should be safe to use for maybe months until your thyroid meds/iron levels etc are sorted out and then you can wean yourself out. some people cant wean off if their adrenals are weak, its an individual thing but steroid treatment should NEVER be entered into lightly. do everything you can beforehand to help the adrenals i.e. large amounts of vit c, vit b5 etc before going down the HC route. before doing anything I would go for an ACTH test at the hospital, if you have a severe cortisol problem the endos should help, but like the rest of us if the problem not as severe we are ususlly left to our own devices to self treat.

  • hi just wondered if your friend got back to you? as speaking to GP this week and gonna ask for particular referrals and hopefully il atleast get referred to one of them! xxx

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