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Adrenal fatigue help please !

Hello everyone , I've recently had the saliva adrenal test done, and the picture doesn't look good. So I would really appreciate some encouraging comments from you amazing people who've also struggled ? I am feeling so fatigued, very low, lack of concentration and almost tearful at times. Plus rubbish sleep with palpitations,and much more.

Well my DHEA was 49.14 (106.0-300.0)

Very low cortisol throughout the whole 24 hours

Low progesterone.

Plus I'm trying to increase my NDT as I had reduced it for a while as my GP said that my symptoms could be too much NDT!!

I would really like to know how long it took you to recover your health to somewhere near normality ?

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Can you post the results of your saliva test. Seeing the figures with their ranges makes it easier to comment.

There are a number of things you can do for adrenals but without the figures it would be difficult.

A good book to read on adrenals is Adrenal Fatigue by James Wilson.


Thanks for coming back mischa. I will try and get that book.

Cortisol morning 14.10 (5.1-40.2)

Cortisol noon 5.39 (2.1-15.7)

Cortisol evening 3.42 (1.5-8.0)

Cortisol night 0.99 (0.33-7.0)



Your figures are low but not dire. They follow a natural curve - they are not flatlining.

You need to treay adrenals with kid gloves. That means no exercising apart from gentle walks, yoga etc.

You need to be in bed by 10 p.m. - absolutely no late nights. No stress at all - if you are stressing adrenals won't heal. In saying that compromised adrenals will cause anxiety amongst other things. There are many symptoms of low cortisol.

With care adrenals heal but it takes time. It can be a few months to a couple of years depending on the severity.

As much vitamin C as you can manage but if your bowels are already loose start lowish and increase. Your diet should be good no sugars, junk food just healthy

With time you will heal but take nothing for granted and think your okay because you will crash. Be patient and above all be kind to yourself.

I note you are taking cortex how much and how long have you been taking them. They will help you recover.

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Oh thanks again Mischa, I'm taking 2 Thorne research adrenal cortex per day and only started them a week ago.when they have finished I was thinking of getting Adrenavive ll. It's one I know Dr Peatfield seems to recommend. But up until recently I was only taking Ashwaghanda, which although good I don't think it was good enough for a period of stress I've been through over past months. Thanks for your suggestions (so helpful !) I am doing most of those things. I find I can't do much more or I start to feel like crying with the exhaustion. Thanks again, you have encouraged me !!!


Your doing al the right things. I take adrenavive II. Start off with one or two spread out between am and midday none after 1 pm otherwise it may affect sleep. After a couple of weeks you might need an increase but may not you judge.

Best wishes


Bless you , I'm going to record what you've said as I'm likely to forget !! ( in my present state)


Not adrenals but have you been vigilant about your nutrient levels? (Ferritin, folate, B12 and Vit D) If any are low they can bring on many similar symptoms i.e. Fatigue


Yes, in fact I had my thyroid levels tested and the vitamin/mineral levels and all were good. - much to my surprise as I thought my symptoms must relate to one of those. My doctor thought my symptoms ( which included night time palpitations and shaky hands) meant I could need to cut back NDT. So I did! But week's later I felt worse, and still had the same symptoms only more so. So it was then that I went for the adrenal testing , which very clearly showed the problem. A month's delay in starting corrective treatment, and it now looks like being a long haul back what with treating the adrenals and increasing the thyroid meds again !!!! ....thanks for replying Rusty64.


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