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Adrenal fatigue?

Hello everyone.

Right firstly I'll say I'm hashimoto/hypo and currently taking ndt which has me feeling pretty good for the most part.

For as long as I can remember I've always felt really groggy first thing in the morning. Some mornings I actually feel hungover without ever having touched alcohol.

So I got reading about adrenal fatigue and I think I have some of the symptoms. Obviously the above symptom and also every now and then I get a feeling that's similar to stimulant overdose, like if you were to guzzle a bottle of lucozade and sugar crash shortly after. Makes me feel really weak/faint and shaky.

I just did the pupil test where you shine a bright light from the side and my pupil flutters, contantly changing size. Also for as long as I can remember I can't stand being out in the sun without sun glasses.

Any help or advice would be great.

What should I do next? Will my doctor likely run any tests for this or am I likely on my own with it?

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I have yet to find an endo (let alone a GP) who says adrenal fatigue exists

As you have Hashi, are you gluten free?

Also what about Vitamin D levels? Do you supplement?

I found that going gluten free, raising my low vit D and magnesium has really helped reduce my stress/adrenal fatigue

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Hello SlowDragon.

From I've read I had a feeling there wouldn't be any medical support for this.

I supplement with d3, b12, b complex, vit c. Ferreting, multi vits along with others that I take on and off, I was taking mag/cal tabs to but recently ran out.

I deal with stress quite well most of the time but even though I'm fairly confident and layed back once I'm out of my comfort zone I can get down or erratic in behaviour.

The sluggish mornings and the pupil thing is what's gotten me most concerned. I've now read that the pupil thing can be BP related also but last time I had my BP checked it was fine.

Check this link, this obviously isn't my eye but this is how my eye reacts in the same


How are your TSH/T3 levels DonnyJam? I used to get the hungover feeling all the time but this went as I increased my meds. Could be adrenal but I would rule out low thyroid levels first. Doubtful whether your GP would test adrenals so you'd probably have to order one from Genova.


it is best to do a cortisol saliva test that test 4 times a day...and then you can tell ...also a vitamin test of d3/b12 etc....i didnt do this until recently and wish i had...i was high cortisol and couldnt believe it......

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Thanks for the reply jacrjacr.

Are the cortisol saliva tests expensive or are GP'S usually happy give them out?


in usa you can buy for 125 on amazon and mail it back in...and they email the results.....i did mine that way and then took it to the dr on first visit to same time bec i had to wait over a month for appt

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Hi there.

Adrenal fatigue isn't a 'thing' sciencebasedmedicine.org/fa...


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