Help with results please

Hi everyone

Haven't posted in a while as not felt too bad plus coping with huge stress due to husbands health.

Anyway have noticed my BP which is usually 125/80 is now up in the regions of 142/76. 150/91. 136/80

Also o had BH THYROID tests (hypo 11 years, hashis, on Levo as can't tolerate T3/NDT ) current dose 87.5/100 alt days.

FT4. 18.8

FT3. 4.8

TSH. 0.07

Would anyone have a view on whether high BP could be caused by too much T4 and low TSH please



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Well, it wouldn't have anything to do with the TSH. High blood pressure can be a hypo or a hyper symptom. But, difficult to tell where your Frees are, because you didn't put the ranges. :)

If the ranges are the same as mine - and I think they must be, as I too have just had the results of a BH test :) - no, you're not on too much levo and very low TSH is not the issue our doctors try to tell it is. I think it's unlikely it's the amount of levo you're on causing high blood pressure.

The stress won't be helping. You have my every sympathy. It's so very very hard when loved ones are ill.

Thank you Jazz

You would expect TSh to be low when you are supplying the body with thyroid hormones.

Your Ft3 and ft4 dont look too high to me.

Its incredible the effect psychological and emotional events can have on our body.

It would make sense if the stress was the cause.

Have you tried some deep breathing? It really really does bring BP down. And if you do a bit every day of purposeful deep breathing, it starts to come into your everyday life.

5 long deep smooth breaths in the morning, before lunch, before dinner and when you lie down at night. (alternatively whenever you remember!). When you feel stress, if you can take a short time out to do it then, slow down, even slow down speed of speech, it all can help.

There are so many potential causes of high BP but if all your other symptoms are okay then maybe it isnt thyroid???

Take care :)

Thank you for reply and good advice. I will def try the deep breathing. My tendency is aways to blame the thyroid even though, as you say, maybe its just high BP!!

We just don't know do we? It could be any number of reasons combined 😯 Wish I had a crystal ball.

Take care ☺

Great advice from 108Optimist. I use deep breathing to bring my BP down. Make sure when you're doing the breathing that you direct the breath to the diaphragm / stomach - this area should expand, not the upper chest / shoulders. In this way, taking the breath down low, you will stimulate the vagus nerve, which will bring your BP down.

thank you for that. I will be practising it today!


You could also try taking L-Arginine to help bring your BP down. There's lots of research to support it, it's even in the BNF!

I think CoQ10 is also reputed to reduce BP. 🤓

thanks - I will get some and try it

Try researching online Dr William Davis &/or Dr Peter Langsjoen re blood pressure. 🤓

thanks will do

Hi Daffers I can't message for some reason here is a link

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