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METAVIVE can you help please

I have tryed both levothroxin and the brand Eltroxin but both made me feel 100 times worse. I've bought METAVIVE 1 which I plan to start tomorrow. I rang and booked an appointment with a private Dr in Stamford hill after reading good reviews on here, he is willing to prescribe METAVIVE for me but usually prescribes armour and thyroid S his secretary said. Unfortunately I had to ring and cancel today as I can't do the 2half journey across London to see him because I'm so ill. Please Has someone any info on self medicating with METAVIVE? could you please, please pm me. I'm 64 have no back up from anyone at home or medically and I don't know how I can cope any more feeling ill.the nurse told me today my levels are even lower, and thought I should try levo again which I'm not prepared to put my body through again. Sorry this is so long a post, thank you x

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You can do a search on the forum for Metavive and you will find there have been a few past posts.

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I can't find how to do the search please can you help? Thank you


At the very top of the page (R/H) you will see a 'Search Thyroid UK' within a box. You type in the box the word you want to search and press the return key. If a list comes up with other forums, click thyroiduk.org.


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I've done very well on it.

Start with I 3x daily and increase by I tablet every 2 weeks till you feel better.

Should be under Medical supervision.

There's a functional doctor who does Skype consultations on the UK thyroid list

Good luck with getting well


Thank you sleepySusie I don't have Skype but now you've said about medical supervision I will have to find a private Dr. Did u start on 2 a day and go up? Did you have any side effects at all thank you.


Sorry for delay, I am away.

Most start on 1x 30mg, 3x daily

No, there were no side effects that I noticed. I now take mine once daily, all at once in the morning. I find it easier to fit in. Taking them like that means my heart rate goes up a bit about an hour after, but soon goes back down.

The Skype Dr will also do phone consults. Skype is free to download and works on laptops and Mac. I think he does Face Time as well.

His initials are BW, and he is on ThyroidUK list. I have found him very good.

Good luck



Massively grateful to you for this information thank you x


Metavive does not need a prescription - it is a food supplement (glandular) that you can get from the-natural-choice.co.uk

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Yes that's correct, I have bought a bottle of the 15mg and was hoping that if anyone else takes it could they let me know dosage they started on, and if I need to let my GP know I'm taking it because of blood tests etc.


Hello Summer,

I can hear the despair in your post and I sympathise. I hope the following helps

I went to see Dr Peatfield for the first time yesterday (25/10) and this is what he advised, bearing in mind I don't have an official diagnosis of hypothyroidism from my own GP as my blood tests are normal-ish. Blood tests in the case of hypothyroidism are not reliable as they can only tell you what's being transported in the blood at any given time but not what is actually stored in the tissues of the body. Your basal body temp is a good guide but not on it's own, other factors have to be taken into consideration before concluding

Dr Pearfiedl doesn't prescribe metavive or adrenavive as they are technically supplements and not medication, he merely advises that you use them and then tells you where you can buy them from. However, although they don't state how much T3/4 each capsule contains (instead it states the amount of the actual gland but not the glands individual composition. I.e, 15mg of porcine thyroid gland in the case of metavive 1)

He advised that I start with one capsule daily of adrenavive Il before breakfast for 2-3 weeks, after which if all is ok I can increase to two capsules daily. One before breakfast and one before lunch. Once at this dose I should then commence metavive l, one capsule daily before breakfast for 2-3 weeks. If after this period things are still going well I can then increase again the metavive by one capsule until I reach my optimum which maybe two or even three capsules. He said I myself will be able to feel what's working for me and then to get in touch with him after 3-4 weeks

Both products come in capsule form and can be opened to enable you to split the dose should you want to start more slowly

To summarise, if all goes well, within 4-6 weeks I will be taking:

2 adrenavive ll daily. One before breakfast and one before lunch and

4-6 metavive l daily. 2-3 capsules before breakfast

If you're nervous about the quantities, don't forget you can open the capsules and start really slowly. Be patient and maybe begin with a third of a capsule of adrenavive each morning for a couple of weeks but of course as with all these things you should be very careful and consider talking to your GP to let them know your intentions or better still, visit Dr Peatfield

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Did u have hair loss? Has this stuff jelped


I don't have hair loss but interestingly, I have some extra growth around the hairline at the front since taking adrenavive and metavive. There may well be some at the back too but I can't see that area. I can't necessarily attribute the growth to the aforementioned as I'm taking other supplements as well

I read that rubbing Lugol's iodine onto bald patches helps. Apparently it takes about three months. The area then crusts over and new growth appearsit is said that most of us are iodine deficient so this should help all round because iodine is absorbed into the circulation via the skin. Obviously one would go extremely carefully at first because the jury's out as to whether iodine supplemention is wise with Hashimoto's but most "experts" say that small does are safe and some even say that small doses are actually beneficial in Hashmoto's thyroiditis

Due diligence is crucial in matters such as these but there is plenty of information to enable you to compare and then decide. You may want to consider seeing a good practitioner


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