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METAVIVE II Porcine Thyroid


I've been taking Armour Thyroid for 3-4 yrs now and it's changed my life after many problems with synthetic T4.

However, the cost of the Armour has nearly double recently and it's now costing me around £1k pa.

I have tried some of the cheaper alternatives but unfortunately don't get on with them at all so with that in mind I don't really expect to do too well on METAVIVE but was wondering if any other of the forum users have any experience of Metavive, and if so how did they find it to use. It only comes in 30mg caps so I would need x4 but this would still be approx half of what I'm paying for the Armour.

Any feedback on METAVIVE greatly received.


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Have you tried NatureThroid, WP, NP, Erfa, Thyroid-S or Thiroyd?

How do you know that 4 x 30mg is equivalent to the Armour dose you were taking?

Flatfred in reply to Clutter

Because I take 2 grains of Armour and that's 130mg.....METAVIVE state there's 30mg Porcine Thyroid per cap so x4 is the nearest equivalent dose.

Yep, tried all of them and just can't get on with anything other than Armour but because of the cost am prepared to try anything that's considerably cheaper. Got bottles of everything you named except the Thiroyd which I've been told is pretty much Thyroid-s.

Thanks for the replies.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Flatfred

There is no certainty whatsoever that the porcine thyroid powder used has the same thyroid hormone content as in prescription-quality products.

For all sorts of reasons, it could be much higher, lower, and might well have a different T4:T3 ratio. Further, without the manufacturer standing behind it, we cannot know if it is consistent batch to batch.

Clutter in reply to Flatfred


That doesn't mean that 4 x 30mg capsule contains the same amount of T4 and T3 as 130mg Armour.

Thiroyd is not the same as Thyroid-S. People who don't get on with Thyroid-S often do well on Thiroyd and vice verse.

I took this a while back. It definitely contains hormone, but i wouldn't recommend it since there is no record of the exact amount contained and precision is vital when dosing. So maybe it would be ok as a last resort.

foxglove in reply to B0896

Would you kindly tell me where you found that Metavive contains hormone? I have just started taking it as a boost, I already take 25mcg levo. The general opinion seems to be that metavive doesn't contain hormone, or IF it does how much - Thanks

As Clutter replied, I've taken Armour, Erfa and now Naturethroid and have found absolutely no difference among them. I don't understand why Armour after twenty years has gone this route of raising its price over the rest.

humanbean in reply to Heloise

Armour Thyroid is owned by Actavis who also make Levo. I imagine Actavis wants to kill the brand Armour Thyroid so that more people are forced on to Levo. Levo creates far more customers for their other drug products than NDT does.

Heloise in reply to humanbean

I forgot Armour was taken over. Now it makes sense.....evil sense!

humanbean, didn't helvella say that Actavis had been taken over by Teva a couple of weeks back? Or have I got this wrong. Apologies if I have. This state of affairs is getting quite frightening now.

Sorry, j_bee, I don't know.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to nightingale-56

Yes..... BUT!!!

Actavis Generics UK were then sold on to Intas through their Accord subsidiary.

It is not at all clear whether the Actavis name will remain or be replaced.

helvella so long as they leave the excipients alone, I don't care who owns it. My son is on it and he is not having too much trouble with it, only the same skin problem, which could be left over from MP Levo anyway.

hello, I've been taking Metavive III and II since years now, I feel really great, during the year it happens anyway I need to adjust for a period and after a while get the same previous dosage but I assure you it's a great products to switch to


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