Hello all, I just joined! I have no thyroid and was diagnosed with graves years ago as a child which resulted with radioactive iodine. So I have no thyroid at all. I've taken Synthroid and Levo only and just recently found a doctor which prescribed me T3 to take with Levo. I wanted to know if anyone here has ever taken Black Seed Oil?

I've read nothing but great reviews on this vitamin. I've searched many sites and still only finding good reviews. Would this be a good edition to Thyroid joint pain and fatigue and bloating?

Is there anyone here that has no thyroid and thriving off of T3 and Levo?


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  • Hi - I see from your later posts you have very low vit d, that is what will be causing your joint pains and the supplements should help.

  • I totally agree. If there was ever an example of hype Black Seed Oil would be it! I have taken this it's gave me indigestion and nothing else. With Cod liver oil for example, I generally see some improvements in my joints quite quickly.

  • I'm taking 5000iu Nature Bounty Gel tabs now. Praying it relieves pain. Blessings!

  • Took not for joint pain although I have some,but for Type 2 diabetes,Black oil claims to help many ailments. I cannot say that I felt any different .

    Tumeric with black pepper to aid absorption is said to help joint pain.

    Also trying Puriya ,which is MSM based .This is new on the market here .Not noticed any improvement to a specific joint tenderness which occasionally causes incapacitating pain ( not occurred since purchased so yet to try in extremis). To be fair to the Company, on reporting no difference ,I have been reimbursed. If I find it does help eventually I shall repay.

  • Hi you could take Black seed oil it is cumin, organic and cold pressed would be fine. I think that your joint pain is either low medication or maybe low Vitamin D.

    When I had my thyroid removed 18 months ago I wasn't on any medication. I was swimming, walking, and doing my Yoga.

    After on 6/7 months on Levo I couldn't even get off the floor without help I also had terrible joint pains. I switched my medication to NDT and I am now fine. No Joint pains and I am 71 years old.

    Once you have been on your T3 for longer your pains might just disappear. I hope so.

  • It actually isn't cumin (cuminum cyminum) - it's nigella sativa (something like Love in a Mist which is nigella damascena) - even though it is called black cumin seed, So not the stuff you get in curry

  • OK back to the corner of the classroom for me then!

  • LOL!

  • Oh God Bunnyjean, I sure hope so. If I can make it to 50 I will be grateful! I was diagnosed as a teen and immediately had my thyroid removed. Been through this all of my life (On Synthroid/Levo). I went from 100 to 0. THis is my first time on t3, but now I am hyper ish. I hope I am not one of those rare cases where I cannot take t3. Blessings to you lucky lady! :)

  • My joint pains have gone as of today! No sure if it is the vit D3 or t3. Good news for today!

  • Have you had your calcium level checked ? with low vitd and joint pain you may have a parathyroid problem.

  • Hi, Bantam12! my calcium is 9.4 (8.6-10.2). How could this come all of a sudden? Is synthetic hormone the cause? Is this why my vision is blurred as well?

  • tstreat, I too have no thyroid and have the same ailments as yourself. Black seed oil did nothing to help me. I am taking Naturethroid on it's own and even with an increase of dosage still have the same symptoms. Bantam12, has mentioned parathyroids, have you got all of yours? I haven't and have been on calcium (Alfa-calcidol), but have just recently come off it completely upping my vitamin D and Magnesium in the hope that it would raise my calcium naturally. I am going to see an Endocrinologist to get to the bottom of things, maybe that is something you could consider too.

  • Margo, I believe I do. I just got the radioactive iodine at 15 yrs old and that was it. I've only been on generic t3 for 2 weeks but my heart pounds with the smallest dosage. I even cut the quarter size in half, and there is the heart pain and frozen feet and hands haven't warmed since on this t3.Lets not even talk about blurred vision and looking 8 months pregnant! Blessings

  • You might do better on N.D.T. tstreat

  • I didn't find that black seed oil did anything for joints. If you want to try something, look up "golden paste" which has been shown in studies to work for arthritis and joint pains in humans and animals - however, you also need good vitamin D levels (at least high 90s) plus K2 and magnesium.

  • Thank you, I'm taking the gel tabs Nature Bounty 1000 iu but per Dr. order take 5000iu. I need to purchase k2. blessings

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