Swapping from levo/t3 to t3 only to resolve joint/muscle pain

Hi all

I've just picked up my latest results and surprise surprise, the lab have ignored the request for antibodies despite this being requested by the endo at the hospital where bloods were taken.

Anyway, after around 6 months on levo/t3 there have been lots of improvements but the one thing I'm still plagued with is joint and muscle pain. I know many people on here found relief by going t3 only so this is my next step but i need a little guidance please.

My results are

TSH 0.05 (0.35 - 5.0)

T3 4.2 (2.9 - 6.1)

T4 12.1 (9.0 - 19.0)

Dose is 75mg levo and 12.5mg.

Can i stop the levo and replace with 25mg of t3 in one hit or do i do it gradually?


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  • How is your Vit D level? Recommended is 100-150nmol/L. Looking at a previous thread your Vit D was 80 five months ago. As it's now winter, I imagine your level may have dropped and you need to supplement.

    Depending on whether you have any other symptoms remaining, there's room for your FT3 to increase so you could always try an extra quarter of a tablet of T3 for now and see how that goes but my guess is that your joint and muscle pain is down to Vit D level. You can get that tested with City Assays vitamindtest.org.uk/vitamin... £28

  • My vit D hasn't been tested but should be pretty good, I'm supplementing 5000 iu with vit k and have been for a good 6-8 weeks

  • My muscle pain went away when I started taking zinc. T3 only didn't get rid of it. And I've never had joint pain.

  • Morning greygoose, I've not considered zinc. I'll give the T3 only a try for a few weeks and look at zinc if there's no improvement

  • Personally, I would do it the other way round, but whatever you wish.

  • Is there any particular zinc that is better greygoose?

  • Not that I know of, no. :)

  • Who knew vitamins and minerals could be so complex, I'm learning so much here which is all good :-)

  • Hi greygoose, what quantities of zinc are you taking, please?

  • Just 15 mg. :)

  • Thank you greygoose x

  • You're welcome. :)

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