Help please why has Endo asked for bloods 4-6 hours after meds

Hi all I have seen on here that it is recommended that bloods are taken before meds. I have been to see a private endocrinologist in June and he recommended T3. (I published my results at the time). I was then to trial 10 mcg daily in two doses and go back in 2 months. Due to my difficulty in obtain T3 I didn't start it until 24th July. I have an appointment in Sep 6th and he says this is enough time to see if it is helping. He says I must have bloods taken 4-6 hours after medication. This goes against everything I've seen on here. Is there a valid reason for this? Thanks in advance.

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  • When having tests, Levo should be left off for 24 hours, T3 for 12 hours.

    T3 peaks in the blood between 2 and 6 hours after taking it. If your endo is aware of this he may want to test when the T3 is peaking. We always say on here (patient to patient tip) to have your last dose of T3 around 12 hours before.

    You will most likely have a higher FT3 if you do as your endo suggests. Whether or not that is a good thing, who knows!

  • Thank you I'll ask if he was testing for peak.

  • Please let us know what he says. :)

  • Will do!

  • My endo specifically said do not take T3 before test, to leave 12 hours (& 24 for Levo) - absolutely adamant

    If test comes back high above range, then you/endo may be forced to stop T3

  • He wants to see a peak value to have an excuse to lower meds or remove T3. If you feel better and want to keep your T3, you could say that you took it 6 hours before test and leave 8 to 12 hours for T3 and 24 for levo. just saying' ...

  • I second what Angel_of_the_North says. I would be dishonest in this scenario too, because I suspect the motives of the endo when saying you should do the test after 6 hours.

    I would leave 12 hours between previous dose of T3 and the blood test, and leave 24 hours between previous Levo dose (if you take Levo) and the blood test.

  • O dear not sure now. He is private endo so not sure why he would want to stop it. Only saw him once and had high reverse T3 (27) and low T3 (1.3) he suggested it and wrote to go saying he knew T3 was controversial but bloods showed I didn't convert. What does he gain? I may just forget to take

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